[RPG] Knights Of Messiah ver.1.03 [English-Uncen]

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Developer: Circle Gyu
Publisher: Kagura Games
Released: 28 May, 2022
Game Format: RPG
Genre: adventure, NTR, big tits, big ass, oral sex, vaginal sex, groping, teasing, creampie, pregnancy, fantasy, male domination, multiple endings, exhibitionism, cheating, virgin, romance, animated, ahego, prostitution, female Protagonist
File Size: 1.82 GB

In a war-torn world, the country of Mordouna struggles to survive. Its people are starving from sky-high taxes and dying on the front lines.
Mordouna’s beautiful princess, Alicia, fights alongside her friends as she tries to save her country. Follow their epic story as they battle monsters, enemy armies, and rebels in this fantasy role-playing game.
Can these heroes win against the odds while still keeping their dignity?

Level up and learn new skills and combos to defeat your enemies in turn-based combat.
Unlock different endings depending on the choices you make and the relationships your heroes forge.

Key Features
A Fantasy Role-Playing Game
Level up and equip your heroes to overcome powerful enemies.

Hand-Drawn Art
Cutscenes and in-battle cut-ins are all hand-drawn.

A Large World to Explore
Follow the main quest through many different lands and unlock side quests along the way.

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Is there anyway to avoid ntr ?


v 1.03 supposedly released today, which fixed(?) a bunch of the crashes with 1.02. might be good to wait till the torrent also gets updated, since 1.02 seemingly had a bunch of issues with it (for a fair amount of people).


This game is a standard turn based JRPG like any other, however characters and enemies alike have their own attack animations and you’ll be seeing them zip back and forth around on screen with tons of little effects littered all over the place. This feels completely amateur, but you can tell they really did try with what they had. The CGs are much of the same. There was a lot they wanted to do here like add different stages of clothes being torn off, different positions, and animations. It’s a little awkward at times but I feel it really gets… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by PantsuHelmet

Would not recommend unless you’re really bored.


Sure would be nice if it wasn’t a laggy piece of crap.