[RPG] Paize Knightess Ellen and the Dungeon Town of Sodom ver1.10 [English]

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Circle: dHR-ken
Released: Jun/19/2021
Translator: Shisaye  (edited MTL)
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Female Protagonist, Magician/Witch, Warrior, Fantasy, Gangbang
File size: 788.24 MB

Japanese system locale or Locale Emulator is required.

Unreasonably Erotic “Kukkoro Female Knight RPG”

A blonde, dignified and strong female knight. Do you want to humiliate her, take away her escape, hunt her down, and impregnate her?
The dungeon is a relic from the time of the demon king, from which endless demons spring, but at the same time, the dungeon is also a place where “treasures” spring, and adventurers who want to make a fortune gather in the dungeon. The town flourished around the dungeon.

Ellen, a knight of the Kingdom of Paize, was on her way to the dungeon town of Sodom.
Recently, “monsters” have been coming out from deep inside the dungeon, causing damage to the residents. The knights of the kingdom were asked to investigate and take down the goblins, and Ellen was on her way to the town as a member of the advance party., with Lilia, an apprentice wizard, by her side.

Ellen and Lilia put the whip to the horse and rode down the hill at once.

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This is a decent game with decent porn. Game play is standard but it’s not random encounters, enemies can be dodged on screen so that’s nice. Combat is standard turn based with the main character being sexually harassed every once in a while in combat and can be conveniently fast-forwarded. The town is small and there isn’t much to explore. The hentai scenes are ok. Artwork is very good and the voice acting is nice but it’s mostly static images that just violently shake on screen. The thing is this game is oddly unpolished. NPCs fleeing you in a cutscene… Read more »

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