[RPG] Maid Knight Alicia [EN-CH-Uncen]

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Developer: AleCubicSoft
Publisher: OTAKU Plan
Released: 14 May, 2022
Game Format: RPG
Genre: female protagonist, big ass, big tits, turn-based combat, vaginal sex, voiced
File Size: 163 MB

Knight’s mission is to wield his sword for justice and protect his people from demons and evildoers. As fate would have it, these evildoers resent the knights.
Alicia is a female knight who has won many battles with her armor and sword.
One day, however, a sorcerer she once let escape casts an evil curse on her.
“The curse of armor disablement”
This curse may prove fatal for a knight, as it prevents her from equipping her armor.
However, Alicia does not lose her fighting spirit just because of this.
She manages to equip whatever she can find and heads to the sorcerer’s castle by herself.
To slay him for sure this time and lift the curse put on her.
…..But the fact that the best gear that she could find was a maid’s uniform is rather unfortunate.

1-on-1 turn based combat mode
Select the appropriate command to fight according to the situation
Full vocal

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Dude, it’s a hentai game, and it’s free for fk sake.
Not 3A games not games that asked you for money,
but games developed so that us degenerates can enjoy.
Yes some hentai games are created poorly, but they don’t need to get the harsh hammer as they did it for free(or may not, at least it’s free here).
And yes I can see you’re clearly enjoying it. Good for you.


It does not matter whether the game is free or not. The games are meant to be fun and enjoyed by others. We are free to expess how enjoyable or not enjoyable the game was.

Last edited 6 months ago by GoblinSlayer26