[SLG] Tag after school [JP-EN-KR]

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Circle: DottoruGames
Released: May/12/2022
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Male Protagonist, Dot/Pixel, Horror, Elder Girl x Younger Boy, Reverse Rape
File size: 17.49 MB

Shota-kun is bullied because he is usually scared.
He was forced to go to an abandoned school by himself
And there he sees unidentified women…
One of the girls shows up and says…
“Play tag with my friends until 6 o’clock and I’ll get you home safe and sound.”
Survive without being squeezed!

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is this the full game release or new version of the demo?


The game’s good, but the timer is too long. Your task is to run from some women who wants to rape you, however it just takes so long to win and I don’t want to spent all that time on hiding in one spot. It’s just boring for me.

Last edited 6 months ago by Jake355

sounds like fnaf but nsfw version this game….


oh god…that’s game just a wanderful masterpiece!!!!i love ittt please give me a lot of it i need many more pleaseee ill die without it heeeelpppp


I give it a quality seal


Very Good Man.


This is a quality game, pick it up. Each round(or “hour”) can feel a bit too long but that’s about it. The enemies (of varying “proportions” ûwû) that are trying to rape you each have a unique way of pursuing you. When you pass the first round, the game will already be able spawn an enemy that can force you to leave a hiding spot, and there will be even more in the next following rounds so not much cheesing here. Some enemy mechanics are not easy to figure out without getting caught by them for the first time, which… Read more »


Yeah this game is fricking amazing! Also, nerf Mary