[3D Hentai] Maison de Perve 202 Izumi Kasahara vol.2

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メゾ・de・パーヴ 202 笠原いずみ vol.2『ニューハーフなので裏オプ本番中出しの際はケツマ〇コですがよろしいでしょうか?というお話…』

Released: Apr/10/2022
File format: MP4
Genre: Clothed, Lots of White Cream/Juices, Serial Product, 3D Works, Shemale, Sailor-style Uniform, Sex Industry/Soapland Anal
File size: 1.25 GB

There is a request for help from the Onakura store, which is an acquaintance of the manager of Lucky Hall (Magical Nest = Max) where Izumi works, and Izumi gets a white arrow.

Izumi reluctantly accepts that she is a transsexual, even though she is worried if she gets caught, but only with her handjob.

Although she is anxious, she manages to deceive her as a transsexual and focuses on customer service, but that’s the point …

Izumi who is suspicious and questioned by the customer because of the poor behavior of Izumi while serving customers.

She tries to break through the status quo, but it backfires and she finds out that she is a transsexual.

Izumi stunned …

Customers are stunned …

However, unexpectedly, the customer accepts the transsexual Izumi smoothly.

Izumi’s limiter, which is relieved because everything is open, is released and finally it extends to the actual act.

* This work is basically subjective.

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I absolutely love traps, Shemales… we need more please


holy shit. this is so well made.


Compared to their previous release (vol.1) this shows a great amount of improvement. Pretty good if you are into shemales.