[VN] Kanojo no Imouto to Himitsu no Stay Home ~Uchiki Musume ga Haitoku Netori!~ [English]

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Developer: Appetite
Released: 2021-11-05
Language: English (EDITED MTL by Yuma)
Game Format: Visual Novel
Genre: Voiced, Creampie, Male Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Cheating, Big Tits, BDSM, Harem, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Virgin
File Size: 485 MB

Translator Notes:
The choices were not translated because they were images. I can’t do image editing unfortunately but I do think the choices are simple enough.

I know people hate MTL so I don’t mind if people call me out on it. I don’t really have the time to learn actual JP so I decided to just go and dived into MTL territory. I saw the horrendous results of it but I can atleast see the potential of it. I decided to do this MTL as a test if I could actually do it and seeing the results.. I’m somewhat satisfied. I’m not an english native so pardon my rough english editing on some parts. I fully accept any criticisms and I would like some suggestions on improving the text. I’m already working on editing a different VN so that’s confirmed atleast. If you like my work please do consider tipping me. I’m just doing this out of my pocket and all of the money that I would be receiving is for me to pay bills. Now enough of this chitchat and go enjoy!

Sayoko Amafune and Aritomo have started living together in preparation for marriage.
Then, Sayoko’s parents decided to renovate their home, and her parents moved to a rented house near their place of work.
However, Sayoko’s younger sister Emiru has to live with Aritomo for a limited time at Aritomo’s house near her school because her school is far away.

Emiru is not good at socializing and is a little off.
At first, she doesn’t greet Aritomo and doesn’t even speak to her.
Over time, they became more open and less grumpy.

Then one day.
One day, while working side by side with Emiru, Emiru accidentally started to cling to Aritomo and entwine their legs together.
She stares at Aritomo awkwardly but seductively.

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It’s a really good looking game. But the authors need to recheck the definition of “choice.” It does not matter who you choose at the end, the MC will bang his girl’s sister anyways. It only triggers different H-scenes.