[RPG] Ordeals of Nun Lize [English]

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Circle: keisei yuan
Released: Mar/05/2021
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Successive Orgasms, Drugs, Sister/Nun, Violation, Tickling, Gangbang, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex
File size: 189.02 MB

Prayers Can’t Reach The Underground
Search for a ray of light in the dark, gloomy dungeon of a devil.
Failure means rape! Can the nun heroine escape with your help!?


Lize is a kind and pure nun who was raised by the church.
However, her happy life is thrown into chaos when one day,
she gets abducted on her way back to town from shopping.
She awakens to find herself in a dimly lit dungeon.

She senses “something” wriggling, and echoing screams…
She cannot fight, so her only hope is to quickly escape this terrifying place.
Can she do it?

An escape RPG with low difficulty, and easy transitions to H scenes.
Lize the nun is weak, and cannot fight, or become stronger.

* There is a status menu, but no combat.
Dodge traps, avoid enemy line of sight, and search for a way out!

Approx. 2-3 hours
* Any ending will unlock all scenes in the Gallery.
** Unlocking takes approx. 1 hour

[CG Scenes] (may be updated in the future)
12 base CG
Approx. 70 CG total including variations
20 H scenes

Ero scenes are triggered by stepping on traps or enemies.
Almost all scenes involve violation.

– Application of aphrodisiac, body-development by tickling
– Vibrator ass & pussy development
– Gangbang
– Slug monster

Sister Lize’s faith is strong, so she basically does not get corrupted.

– Gallery included
– SFX included
– Virgin game completion possible
– Not ryona, grotesque depictions, or bleeding

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