[SLG] Female Teacher with Pantyhose: Masturbation Game in Class [JP-EN-CH] (PC/Android)

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パンスト先生のオナニーゲーム | 连裤袜女教师:自习课自慰游戏

Circle: kuroMIE
Released: Oct/01/2021
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Clothed, Dot/Pixel, Toys, Glasses, Female Teacher, Stockings, School/Academy, Masturbation
File size: 53.56 MB

In a quiet self-study class
Sneak in and do something exciting

Be careful not to attract the students’ attention
Avoid the eyes of the students
But if be founded
Can something more exciting happen?

3 challenge scenarios
3 hidden reward scenarios
All in the form of interactive animation
All have climax animation performances

Operating instructions:
Avoid red and yellow progress bars filled with
The progress bar full of purple wins
When the glasses mark representing the line of sight touches the teacher, release the control lever to avoid being found (avoid the increase of red progress bar).

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1.On the first day do not forcibly move you mouse left to right but instead try to do circles with it.
2.From this now on everything was easier for me. Basically make the vibrator go harder little by little. Whenever you see that the hearing bar is too high, turn it off by going back to zero and wait for it to go down.
3.Third day is basically the same. Start with slow & short motions and then go quicker little by little.

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I’ve completed the game and unlocked all of the secret scenes. If somebody can tell me where the saves are kept, I can share them.


to unlock the “???” just get yourself caught once in day 1,2 and 3, meaning do something when the eye goes left to right.

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