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Circle: witCHuus
Released: Apr/05/2022
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Clothes Changing/Dress up, Dot/Pixel, Anime, Master and Servant, Company President, Prostitution/Paid Dating, Mob Sex
File size: 27.27 MB

A simulation game in which you manage a “peag house” where you raise livestock that take the form of humans!
Peag is a human-shaped livestock for human convenience.
The “Peag House” is the place where peigs are bought, raised, and served to customers.
Become the president of this house and manage it!​

The System
The House has a system of ranks. The higher the satisfaction of the customer, the higher the rank of the House.
The higher the rank, the more customers will come to the House.

*Peague Characteristics:
Peag has both fixed and variable characteristics.
Fixed characteristics include personality and breast size.
Variable characteristics include rank, hairstyle, and costume.

Peig’s face, breast size, skin tone and hair color are fixed.
Costumes can be bought and changed. Hairstyles can always be changed.

*Peig’s level:
Peig’s level increases with the number of times you have sex with him.
The number of times you can have sex per day increases as your peig’s level increases.
The number of sex positions will also increase.

When you connect pegs that match your customer’s preferences, your customer’s satisfaction level will increase.

The house is charged a daily peg maintenance fee and a house maintenance fee.
The peg management fee depends on the number and rank of pegs.
House maintenance costs are based on the number of pegs and ranks, and house maintenance costs are based on the number of rooms and decorations.

There are four challenges in the game.
Completing a challenge will reward you with compensation and special pegs to help you play.
Bonus videos are awarded for completing the last of each challenge.

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I must be missing something because I don’t even know how to see the action without using the peegs myself. Not having a good time.

Last edited 9 months ago by Fake Name

Yet another management simulation game. Your job is to basically pay off the bills and make some horny guys happy. Nothing above or under average. No further goals made it boring in no time.


Your typical tycoon game i don’t really have a good time playing it.
(at first, I read it as peg house) not worth ur time in my opinion cause it gets boring very fast but try it yourself.