[SLG] Magic Swordswoman Lapis [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: Karaage Kompany
Released: Mar/20/2022
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Touch/Feel, Anime, Fantasy, Violation, Rape, Anal, Tentacle, Forced Oral/Irrumatio
File size: 235.74 MB

Magical swordswoman Lapis is dispatched to a dungeon that has become the source of multiple disappearances, and is greeted by a tentacle monster…

Lapis (CV: Riia Narimori)
A cold, expressionless clone soldier who lives to execute her orders.

[Full Animation Full Voice]
The tentacles and heroine are fully animated. The heroine’s reactions are fully voiced!

Play as the tentacle monster, and teach this cool beauty the pleasure of your slimy appendages!

[Types of Sexual Play]
– Fellatio
– Choking
– Facial
– Fondling
– Nipple licking
– Breast milk
– Breast bukkake
– Pussy licking / penetration
– Egg laying
– Urination
– Anal teasing

A simple simulation game about a tentacle monster (you) violating the heroine Lapis all day.
Be sure to give her a break occasionally to keep her lively enough.
If all else fails, a dose of essence should give her some energy.
If her energy reaches 0, her senses will dull the next day (you can still give her essence to fix that though).

– The game auto-saves after every in-game day.
– To watch the opening again, temporarily move the save more, or check the trial version.

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is there a way to have the text of the games in english?


Look like not finish game.


Not a bad simulation. The animations and voice acting is good.
There’s no story progression, ending, or a game over,
but you will see some new dialogues and changes after playing around with her for a while.
For example, her pussy becomes permanently spread after reaching a certain threshold.

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Guys, I made an unofficial english translation for the pictures. This might look like a virus but trust me once.

NOTE: I used an online translation service for the translation. That means there are some inaccuracies on the translation. Also, my editing isn’t perfect.

Link: https://anonfiles.com/h2Ics2wfyf/English_Translation_of_Pictures_for_Magic_Swordsman_Lapis_rar