[RPG] Spirit Squeezing Devil’s 5 Day Long Orgasm Denial Game ~If You Make a Mistake on the Last Day, I’ll Really End You~ [English-Uncen]

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Circle: BBQ Lover
Released: Mar/20/2022
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Male Protagonist, ASMR, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Foot Job, Sexual Training, Verbal Humiliation, Submissive Man, Ear Licking
File size: 2.56 GB

Full save included

You’re a hero who has made a contract with a cute succubus named Ria. You give her your cum, and she gives you her power. However, even as a “spirited” hero. you seem unable to handle her milking skills. At the same time, a hero named Bob also appears, ready to form a contract with your precious Ria. This awkward triangle can only be solved with a match! A match to see who can last through 5 days of hardcore edging. The winner of the match gets the right to make a contract with Ria! The loser… well, a cruel fate awaits them…

[Gameplay] A cum-control / NTR game that if the hero losses, the heroine will have sex with another man. However, if the hero does win, perhaps a true and pure love ending awaits him…?

– Compare your stats with Bob and monitor Ria’s feelings at any time.
– Find lost diaries in the field that detail the extent of the heroine’s infidelity.
– Visit Ria to receive love potions, which give you Ria memory fragments. However, if she’s been getting busy with Bob, you might want to think twice about drinking that potion…
– Obtain special materials from bosses, which can be used to craft clothing for Ria. Clothing options have special H scenes (3 other than default).
– ASMR cum-control audio file included

21 base CG
WAV format audio (48kHz / 24Bit)
38 H scenes
4 endings (with CG for each)

Link 1
Link 2

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The CGI’s are great but… Yeah, It’s just your typical NTR story. Also, don’t be fooled about that “True Love” stuff. She will fuck with other guys anyway. If anything it just allows Mc to bang her once and that’s it. Kinda disappointing if you sak me.