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Circle: I-Project
Released: Feb/28/2022
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Healing, Girl Uniform, Slice of Life/Daily Living, Cohabitation, Internal Cumshot, Breast Sex, Oral Cumshot
File size: 80.31 MB

Game introduction
It is a simulation game that suddenly appeared one day and suddenly started living together with Megumi, an active JK.

As a thank you for letting her live, she helps her to eliminate her daily libido,
And if her liking goes up, she will be able to do more naughty things.
The game is never over, so please enjoy your relaxing life with Megumi ♪

Game system
Let’s talk about various things with Meg, buy her favorite things at the shop with the money she got from her work, and raise her liking.
If the status meets certain conditions, there will be an event scene, and new items and naughty play will be unlocked.
Let’s do our best to earn money, get along with Meg and aim for a fulfilling cohabitation life ♪

H scene introduction
Adjust the speed with the mouse scroll and explore where you feel.
All animations have cross-section animations, except for some positions.
You can change her clothes at any time during the sex scene.

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Does this game has some sick amount of grind, or am I doing something wrong? I’ve got all 3 bars maxed out, worked everyday but I do not see any progress. There’s no new stuff in the shop, no new positions and the game still locks me on the 1 level of the work. Also the summarization of how many times I’ve done H-positions with her is everywhere stuck on 0. I’m just worried there is some bug not allowing me to progress further. Does anybody know anything about that?


where in this game did I try to save it did not work out


anyone have the soft lock when trying to do H. there is still sound and seems like you can still press the help but disappears after clicking it.