[RPG] Living Together with Your Cute Niece ver.1.0.3 [English]

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Circle: Ichie Atelier
Released: Dec/19/2021
Translator:  Nephnil
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Male Protagonist, Uncle/Stepfather, Student, Slice of Life/Daily Living, Sleep Sex, Internal Cumshot, Violation, Coercion/Compulsion
File size: 233.4 MB

Our lonely protagonist is living all by himself in a house of his own.
But everything changes for him one night when his sister calls asking if he’ll look after her daughter for a while while she’s away on a business trip abroad.
Well, rather than ask, it’s more she forced it on him, and he had no chance to refuse.

He hasn’t seen his niece for ages. He can only wonder what she’s like now…

Event Example: Night Prowling
During the course of living together, it’s natural various events will occur.
Late at night when she’s asleep, you can sneak into her room…

You could feel her up, or use sleeping drugs to make she she feels into an even deeper sleep.

Multiple Endings
The relationship between you and your niece will change over the course of her stay.

Events and route availability will be determined by Affection, Trust, and Lewdness.

System 1 – Days
Choose your actions during Morning, Afternoon, Night, and Late Night.
Actions include working, buying items cooking / drugging, playing games, sneaking in your niece’s room, etc.

System 2 – Shopping and Diary
Late-night shopping – Use the money you make during the day to buy various event items.
Items include Affection Boosters, Sleeping Drugs, Hidden Cameras, and other items that can trigger special events.

Niece’s Diary – Read your niece’s diary in her room, and read all about what she has been up to.
She might realize you’re reading her notes too…enjoy the story from her perspective as well.

System 3 – Statuses
Check your niece’s Trust and Affection, as well as her Lewdness and sexual experience.
You may be able to sexually develop her body… without her even realizing…

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One word: Boring. CGI’s are below average, lot’s of grind and after unlocking the “true end” (just don’t molest her and build up affection and trust) the game unlocks it full content. The story can be wholesome but in the end of the day it has nothing special too. There’s the full save file:
Link 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TKYQCIX7i5e5UNc36gyI6UwxmNYqYN3a/view?usp=sharing
Link 2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cxy1xv5w8qd467c/Living%20Together%20with%20Your%20Cute%20Niece%20-%20save.zip?dl=0
Just drop it into “www” folder.