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Circle: BraBusterSystem
Release: Aug/01/2018
Work Format: Action
Genre: Breasts, Anime, Internal Cumshot, Breast Sex, Tanned Skin/Suntan, Chubby/Plump

* Get ready for this sea diving girl’s erect fishing adventures!
Collect lots of HARD shellfish and cure that limpy dysfunction!

* A sexy diving action game with simple controls! Only ONE BUTTON!

Dodge the lascivious sea creatures and octopus tentacles
while you collect shellfish from the sea floor.

* Gallery mode implemented, so you can enjoy the erotic scenes at your leisure!
Just like our Choco * Nuki system.

The Gallery is 100% unlocked right from the beginning
for those that want some instant erotic fun time.

* As a bonus, ‘Watch Mode’ has been implemented!
It may seem to be a simple clock, but you may just find all your
worries and stress fade away while gazing on while the time passes.

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