[ACT] BackChaser Ver.1.15

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Circle: Konjacut
Release: Oct/04/2013
Work Format: Action
Genre: Totally Happy Comedy, SF, Fantasy, Harem, Internal Cumshot

Version 1.15
Total 20 H scenes, total 100 HCGs

* Story *
–In a land faraway–

One day on the outskirts of town, a dungeon appeared.
You visited the town as an adventurer.
“I have a job for you,” said a strangely robed figure who led you to a shanty.
The job was supposedly easy and safe with a high reward, and didn’t seem related to
the dungeon. You weren’t fully comfortable, but you agreed.
In a small room called a “research lab”, there was a monmusu…

* Game *
BackChaser is a simple stealth action game.
Avoid discovery by enemies; take enemies down from behind.
Takedowns will go into ecchi scenes.
What kind of scene you’ll get to see is unknown until it begins.
After you clear a stage you’ll receive “gratuity”.
You can trigger 50 consecutive ecchi scenes in a stage.
(It’s possible to skip in-game ecchi scenes and bonus scenes.)

No leveling up, no obscure missed chances
You don’t need to grind and you’ll never accidentally miss a “one time only”
item or a chance to see something. Stages can be replayed with chapter select.

Save and load pretty much anywhere
Even though it’s an action game, you can save in the middle of a level.
You can save and progress little by little at your own pace.

Take it slow. Hide and shadow-follow.
Avoid danger and use your wits.
Get out of there before you’re spotted!

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