[RPG] Mating and Impregnating☆Magical Girl ~The RPG~ ver.2.11 [English]

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Circle: Alpaca
Released: Apr/24/2012
Translator: Chronomium
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Loli, Magical Girl, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Sexual Training, Slave, Rape
File size: 483.62 MB

A fat guy who is a virgin NEET and a magical girl otaku
One day, he woke up with special powers!
The creep, who finally became the chosen one despite his confusion, uses his power to……
Magical girls are humiliated by the fat and gross main character and seeded with inferior genes!
Train the magical girls with your seeded penis and turn their innocent bodies into lewd masturbatory slaves!
Can you impregnate the girls at the end of the battle against the evil organization “Epimetheus”?

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what is the name of the application that makes it run? Rxt or something 🙏🙏


I am hooked!
Is there an english walkthrough for this rather than the poorly translated official one below?


I keep getting a message that says ‘RGSS202J.dll could not be found’


This stupid game is so buggy and has so many missable quests


I have a problem to play with the game once the MC woke up and pass through the next room after a few dialogue. Then, it pops a notification when it told something confusing thatI close down and shut it down that I keep trying to find where the fault is and couldn’t find it. I have the RTP package and it talk about a character from the graphic folder. It was something mix with english and japanese b among them but I don’t know how to write it down through english keyboard. Sorry since I can’t find the way… Read more »