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Developer: はちみつそふと
Publisher: ARTLINK
Released: 18 Feb, 2022
Game Format: Visual Novel
Genre: male protagonist, voiced, big ass, big tits, vaginal sex, creampie, virgin, oral sex, romance, dating sim, groping
File Size: 673 MB

Game Outline
Adult romance connected by cigarettes!

A story about enjoying the spoony on of a cool older sister.
The small space of the smoking area is an alien space where hierarchical relationships fade away, it is different from private life, and that is why it becomes so intimate.

An adult romantic adventure with a cool older sister.

A new story by hachimitsu Soft is a mature romance between working adults connected by cigarettes!
The theme is “A story about enjoying the spoony on of a cool older sister!”

Point1 Adult dating connected by cigarettes!
Two people who meet because they smoke.
It was a small smoking space, a kind of closed room. It’s a different kind of space where the relationship between the top and bottom of the company is diminished. Because it is different from private life The story depicts a relationship that grows closer.

Point2 A love story that spreads from a small space!
At first, they only met in the small space of the smoking area. Gradually, they begin to meet in other places as well. The heroine and the protagonist get closer to each other. The story is structured in such a way that you can see the changes.

This work also focuses on the process of “living together”. There are also situations unique to pre-cohabitation!

Point3 Focus on adult-like sex!
Our relationship with each other is somewhat unclear now that we know each other as adults!
Leaning back a little, or just letting the atmosphere get the better of you……
But she can’t hide her feelings and true intentions that come out when they get together. Please enjoy these sex scenes that focus on the cuteness and eroticism of the heroine!

The older, cooler sister at work.
yuki koshimizu
Height: 162cm Blood type: O type
Favorite things: Cigarettes, games, alcohol
Dislikes: bothersome task
Hobbies: Not particularly
Strengths: It’s dependable.
Weaknesses: Appropriate in both good and bad ways.

She is the boss of another department that she met in the smoking room at work, and now she is one of the protagonist few smoking buddies.
At first glance, she seems quiet and cool, but when you talk to her, she is easy to get to know and her mischievous nature comes out as you get to know her.
She’s not particularly serious, but she does everything well and is valued at the company, but her motivation stops at “it’s just work” because she believes in “cutting corners and living moderately.
In my private life, I go out drinking alone. I’m enjoying my current life to a certain extent.

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It’s just your everyday dating sim. Choices pretty much makes no difference here and first H-Scene happens quite early. The voice acting and CGI’s are just average. There is the full save file:
Link 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wO0w9iiTV_RedAj43AChOt9mqmqh85BA/view?usp=sharing
Link 2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lzmkrn64opvk8uh/SUGARKISS_MLS.zip?dl=0
To use it you need to start a New Game and then make a random save. Afer that, the game will create “HACHIMITSUSOFT” under Roaming folder (type %appdata% in Windows search bar to quickly locate it). system.dat file stores your gallery status. All you need is to replace it with the one I shared with you.

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