[SLG] Imouto! Seikatsu Fantasy ver.1.2.1 [English-Uncen]

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Circle: inusuku
Released: Feb/10/2022
Translator: Shadesishere, thicklolita123
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Touch/Feel, Younger Sister, Cohabitation, Sleep Sex, Bukkake, Internal Cumshot, Masturbation, Anal
File size: 456.06 MB

1. Colorized Mod is separately included.
2. Guide included

A fantasy life simulation game about living together with your cute little sister.
Slowly, little by little, you’ll grow closer to each other.

Your parents are adventurers, meaning they’re away from home almost all year round,
leaving just you and your little sister.

What kind of big brother will you be!?

Key Features
* To put it simply, this release features more of everything.
More CG, more more cut-ins, more scenarios, more everything!

* The story this time takes place in a fantasy setting, so there are wars, etc.

* You’re a strapping lad living with his little sister. You dream of becoming on adventurer.
Your daily routine includes fighting monsters, training your body, and working various jobs.
As the days pass, you might find that you and your little sister are getting closer…maybe even VERY close.

Peep on her bathing, cum on her while she’s sleeping, steal her panties…if you wanna be that kind of brother.
The difficulty has gone up compared to previous releases, so be warned!

* You’ll slowly gain access to more activities
At first you’ll have to be sneaky…but you’ll gradually get to do more things.

Cooking together going out during the weekend together, doing mischief to her while she’s sleeping, having a bath together…
If you put in the time, lots of other “activities” may open up to you…

* Featuring the Imouto Touching 2.0 system
We’ve introduced the new touching system: “Imouto Touching 2.0”.
Why is it called 2.0, you ask?

“You can caress your sleeping sister’s nipples with your left hand
while staring at her panties and masturbating,
or you could toy with her clit and nipples while fucking and kissing her.”

Depending on how you play, you might even encounter a scene where the stimulation from your sister’s orgasming pussy,
resulting from you playing with her clit while fucking her, causes you to cum.

* Featuring OMS, the Oniichan Making System
OMS is a system that allows you to create yourself.
“Panty-hunter”, “Soft toucher”, “Sleuthing Perv”, “Sex Master”.
All these different oniichans provide a slightly different gameplay experience.
Learn various skills, and enjoy the game as the character of your choice.

* Slightly Animated H Scenes

* Exploding Imouto
She’s your little sister, you think she isn’t going to explode?

* Other
This work is drawn in black and white (monochrome).

V1.2.1 TL V0.3
Updated to 1.2.1
V0.2 translation transferred
New scenes translated
Adjustments to translation, certain RNG events still WIP (DJ Event)
Item Descriptions altered
Lots of small corrections
Item list is now looks more orderly, but not perfect due to font issues

V1.1.3 TL 0.2
Updated to 1.1.3
numerous fixes and redone scenes.
Images and pantie descriptions done by thicklolita123
Still a WIP, so expect another update soon.

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Link 2

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I have a save file thats maxed out, heres the link. Hope I didn’t break any rules


I process 198days
All story the end but i didn’t have some skill.
how to get piledriver skill?
how to get skill goldenshot?


i dont know how to unlock the thing at the right of piledriver :c


This game is absolutely fantastic. 10/10


anybody figure out cowgirl? i have it unlocked and she doesn’t even do it, i can’t quite figure out the conditions even with the translation… also, i have a save file here, it’s cheated, but has more stuff than the other guys does (boob job, new NPC, some other stuff). most of the stuff unlocks after completing the long adventure, and some advances after your guild gets to a certain point. also, you can learn new skills if you have dirty magazines at home as they will be looked at when you’re not home https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qtMHRBIbroxim3bXukeRtL97Ezv1G_T9/view?usp=sharing


This game has so much potential with poses and situations, even the story was decent and I was hoping

the dev would allow us to get into H scenes with characters at the Inn 🙁 I really hope the game will have expansions..



I have colored this game..
I can share it if u want.. 🙂


I downloaded it expecting a masterpiece considering the massive amounts of praise heaped on it + the high votes on this site, but the game turned out to be very average. It’s like the first imouto game, but even more grindy and with some very basic RPG mechanics that give you a game over if you don’t grind in time. The artstyle is very cute,and it can be fun at times, but it’s extremely vanilla (both in terms of fetishes and RPG mechanics) and is by no means a must-own. 6/10, download it if you like lolis and somnophilia but… Read more »

Last edited 10 months ago by Grargan

It’s broken, the game won’t run.



Last edited 9 months ago by dagkhoiaxl

ver 1.2.1 is out


please update version 1.3.0


does anyone have the wiki, a web or a guide to see how to achieve some scenes?


ver 1.3.0 is out


1.3.1 is also out, can somebody update please? 🙂


new version out


So this states that it is translated, but when I try to run it, I get no English. What have I likely done wrong?