[SLG] One Scene H 3rd ~Punishing a Thieving Cat Girl~ [English-Machine Translated]

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one scene H 3rd ~泥棒ネコにおしおきを~

Circle: purple-pink
Released: Sep/20/2021
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Clothed, Touch/Feel, Buttocks, Anime, Fantasy, Spanking, Cunnilingus, Nekomimi (Cat Ears)
File size: 43.92 MB

Thanks to Zerien101 for sharing the file

A simple touching game with spanking elements. Teach this thief a lesson she won’t forget!

[The One Scene H series]
Simple touching games focused on one scene, and at a low price.

This story takes place in another world.
You run a local bakery, and a cat girl has just tried to steal some of your bread.
However, she’s quite slow, and you easily catch her.
It seems her hunger got the better of her, but also left her lethargic.

You take her to the back of her stop, and decide that while her plight is understandable,
she can’t get off completely free.
Yes, the ideal way to punish her isn’t by calling the guard over, but by…

– There is no genital penetration
– H Options
1. Ass bukkake
2. Spanking
3. Ass / pussy molestation *no anal

Spanking 5 types (including strong / weak)

Touch using hands – 10 types (including strong / weak)
Touch using tongue / lips – 4 types (including strong / weak)
Touch using sex toys – 2 types (including strong / weak)

Stripping Option:
– Skirt
– Panties

Settings Changeable at the Title Screen:
– Panty type (3 options)
– Sensitivity Gauge
– Pubic Hair ON / OFF

End Patterns: 4 total
Endings depend on how the player acts.
However, it’s just sort of a little bonus.

* Notes
– This circle focuses on clothed situations. There is no nudity
– This game has BGM and SFX. Mind the volume!
– There is no heroine voice
– Please test the trial version before purchase to confirm compatibility.
– This game only runs on 64-bit OSes.
– Confirmed to run on Windows 10.
– This game uses Live2D

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Link 2

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Gosh, her face is so wired. At first I thought that somehow I make it through, but no. These eyes are just… so disturbing.