[SLG] I’m going to have a quick touch with a strong girl on the train [EnglishMTL] (PC-Android)

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Circle: Yugenokiri
Released: Aug/23/2021
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Totally Happy, Touch/Feel, Anime, 3D Works, Sailor-style Uniform, Train, Internal Cumshot, Molestation
File size: 508.43 MB

*APK file is untranslated

This is a simulation game of molestation using 3D animation.

A girl who is a bit strong-minded and has a stronger sex drive and love drive than others. Her eyesight is bad, and her serious and fearless personality doesn’t fit in with her relatives or classmates, so she doesn’t have anyone close to her. Although she has been masturbating frequently since she was a child, she instinctively keeps it a secret from others.

We happened to be riding in the same car. He has a good amount of energy and is confident in his technique because his ex-girlfriend trained him well, but he has a slight phobia of women due to the trauma.

In fact, I had seen her in the car before, and while I was casually looking at her, I noticed that she was secretly masturbating by rubbing the corner of her bag against her genitals through her skirt. Ever since then, I can’t stop thinking about her and have wanked off to her many times.

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Extremely short


Is a virus? The file os too small