[RPG] Revenge Game: Cumshot or Death [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: gamecolon
Released: Feb/04/2022
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Male Protagonist, Classmate/Colleague, Hand Job, Internal Cumshot, Breast Sex, Blowjob/Fellatio, Verbal Humiliation, Virgin Male
File size: 379.61 MB

Cheats & Full save included

Female Bullies VS Bullied Male! A Strategic Ejaculation Battle RPG!
The protagonist has trouble with communication, and at the bottom of the school caste, he is easy pickings for the three female bullies in his class. One day, he notices a weird app installed on his smartphone “Revenge Game” and out of curiosity, he inputs the names of the three girls who are bullying him.

He immediately loses consciousness, and then awakes to find himself at school, at night, with no-one around… but the three bully girls right before him. At first both the protagonist and the girls are confused and panic that they have been trapped at school, but then the rules of the “Revenge Game” are announced and…

It would seem that they we now participating in a Death Game, where they have to keep making me cum… or DIE. Thus began my tale of sweet sweet erotic revenge…

Game System

* Ejaculation Battle
For 3 minutes, you must endure the erotic techniques of the girl!
Use strategy and tactics to overcome your opponent in this turn based Ejaculation Endurance Battle.
With various skills, you can apply stress to the girls and gain yourself time.

The erotic scenes are voiced!
You will be made to cum while the girls shower you with verbal abuse.

If you continue winning the battle of endurance…
the girls will start to panic and their erotic tactics will scale up becoming bolder and more more provocative.

* Patrol Part
The girls will wander in search of “Holy Crosses” which are needed in order to kill the protagonist.
They collectively need 50 of these crosses to do away with you. (If they succeed… Game Over.)

Use various obtrusive apps to stop the girls from obtaining the crosses, while constantly challenging them to Ejaculation Battles.

* Tease Where You Please System
As an additional rule, you are allowed to tease the girls as you please…!?
It’s against the rules for them to resist, so you can lick and tease and torment them as your heart desires.

The Death Game Rules
The three girls should search the school for “Holy Crosses.”
These crosses can be found drawn on walls, floors, and various objects.
Using a smartphone to take a picture of a cross will gain you that cross.
(After which, the cross will disappear from the location it was found.)
The location of the crosses is updated every 1 hour.
If the three girls can collectively gain 50 crosses, your heart will stop beating.

You should find the girls and challenge them to “Ejaculation Battle.”
You can do this by focusing your smartphone’s camera on a girl
and pressing the “Ejaculation Battle” button.
The girl then must proceed to make you cum within 3 minutes.
If she fails, she will lose one heart. (Each girl has four hearts in total.)

If a girl loses all of her hearts, then her heart will stop beating.
You can only perform one such ejaculation battle every 1 hour.
The death game will continue until either your heart,
OR the hearts of all three girls, are no longer beating.

There is no time limit.
Participants must not attack or restrain any other person.
Nor are they allowed to move around when someone is sexually teasing them in-line with the rules.
You, the male participant, are not allowed to masturbate / bring yourself to climax.
If anyone breaks the rules, their heart will stop beating.

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hey I don’t know if there’s something wrong with the file or not but when I was playing it after an hour or so the text just suddenly stick together like it’s on top of each other so I could not read it so I delete it and then redownloaded it but after I downloaded it and extract the file it doesn’t work anymore like it was saying something about archives and not access denied I don’t know what to do please help