[VN] AssGape(r) Online Social Rectal Expanding Network [English]

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肛拡オンライン ソーシャルアナル拡張ネットワーク

Circle: Morning Star Rush / a Matures
Released: Jul/19/2012
Translator: Asuky13g
Product format: Visual Novel
Genre: Masturbation, Outdoor Exposure, Anal, Bestiality, Stretch/Expansion, Big Breasts
File size: 367.87 MB

* 6th in the anal stretching series!
* A hikikomori girl with no confidence gets obsessed with anal stretching on a filthy social network!
* She goes wild for rectal gaping in a virtual world as a beta tester for new tech equipment!
* Featuring an appearance by Ruri from previous ADV games!

“Come play a new way at J-Port Digital Cafe!”
Marino stopped when she got to this email.
She had no boyfriend, no ambitions, no social life. She was a shut-in.
Her whole life centered around her online life at SNS “Meet’s City”.

She slinked to J-Port and signed up for the starter service. The staff rambled
on about user agreements and warnings. It seemed her playtime was limited.
Instead of a screen, the user sits in a private capsule and logs into Meet’s City,
and can interact in the digital world like virtual reality, said the staff.
“Oh, okay,” said Marino detachedly. She was a regular
player on her PC. This was confusing and different. The staff sensed
her mood and quickly set her up to playtest…

Marino Kotohara (CV: Aoi Hongou)
A part-timer. 22 years old. Recently graduated, but failing in the workforce.
Not a social person in real life, Marino obsessively posts on Meet’s City under the username “Mari”…
only here can she explore her loose and free-spirited side.

Ruri (CV: Shiho Nakaya)
A user on Meet’s City who meets Marino in the fetish section “Anal Pleasure”.
In real life, she’s an ex-idol from a well-known pop group.

14 CG base works of amazing anal scenes!
CG view and scene view modes for appreciation, with hands-free mode!
Amazing graphics via rich 1024×768 display window!

* This game is ADV format.

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Ok that was a weird experience, but in the bad way. Only existing sex scene (with real dick) in this game is on the screenshot above, between this girl and a horse. Maybe I was expecting too much, but at least I wanted to see some BBC or a threesome.