[RPG] Lady Knight Frey ~Bound and Sullied~ ver.1.0 [English]

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女騎士フレイ ~白濁に染められる縛めの肢体~

Circle: yaminabedaiichikantai
Released:  Jun/27/2020
Language: English (Edited MTL)
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Internal Cumshot, Violation, Sexual Bondage, Restraint, Captivity, Coercion/Compulsion
File size: 182.81 MB

A lady knight escapes enemy territory while avoiding lusty enemy soldiers along the way!

Frey is a female knight who’s well respected in the Runelight Kingdom’s army.
She’s known far and wide as the one who promises peace, the Goddess of Runelight.
One day she was ordered to investigate some suspicious people…
But she had no idea the humiliating battle that awaited her….
It was a trap. The enemies attacked in droves and slaughtered everyone except Frey.
Now she’s their prisoner unless she can escape.

Game System:

One little mistake may cost you, leading to a humiliating game over!

[Retry Function]
Restart slightly before a mistake without the need to save!

[Scene Skip]
Skip scenes you’ve already viewed!

[Scene Replay]
Unlock the gallery mode after beating the game! The way you clear it i up to you!

H situations:
Tons of scenes themed around bondage!
Jail cells, chains, suspension bondage and more!

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game sucks harder than a taimanin.

  1. unfun

2.Not many h-scene