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Circle: marmalade*star
Released: Jan/18/2022
Product format: EXE
Genre: Legs, Breasts, 3D Works, Female Teacher, Swimwear, Stockings, Foot Job, Big Breasts
File size: 2.86 GB

Note: I highly recommended you to read at least the first section of the description below.

And If you like the game, buy it to support the creator.

This is our team’s latest product “Emilia’s Diary”.
The international version of the work that was sold in Japan as “Trouble Diary Teacher”.

Originally, our purpose was to sell “Emilia’s Diary” on Steam.
We made the following changes to do this:
・Offered English text support and Chinese (simplified) text support
・Changed the characters’ faces and names (so that it is not a derivative work)
・Changed the scenario setting from a high school to a university. (to imply the characters are adults)
・Change the coloring of the classroom so that it doesn’t look like a high school.

After making these changes, we submitted it for review, but it was rejected.
Steam didn’t give us a specific reason, though.
We thought the problem was probably that the stage looked like a high school.
So, we decided to completely change the background to look like a university lecture hall.
We also changed the text of the scenario to make it easier to understand that it was a university.
However, it failed a second time.
It seems that there is a rule that even if you modify an app and submit it for review, it will not be accepted and instead rejected unconditionally.

It was disappointing to see an app that we had spent almost half a year developing end up in storage.
So, we decided to release it on DLsite, even though it might not sell very well.
Fortunately, DLsite has been making efforts to support multiple languages.
It is also accessible from overseas, so we decided to distribute our game primarily on DLsite.

In terms of content, it’s almost exactly the same as the Japanese version of “Trouble Diary Teacher”.

As for additional features, we added the swimming suit sex scene from the movie version to the game version.

The game version also has sex scene with a bunny girl on Day 8.
If you have already purchased the Japanese version, and you feel that these additional contents are worth it, we would be very grateful if you would support us and buy this.

==== Work description =====
The scenario part is a visual novel game with still images and text.
The SEX scene is a pre-rendered animation movie.
(It is not real-time CG)

There is a week-long story.
You can enjoy different sex scenes on each of the 7 days.
The sex scenes can be viewed from several angles.
The scenes include: missionary, doggy, cowgirl, hand job, foot job, blowjob, masturbation, and titty fuck.
There is a wide variety of scenes.

All text comes with voices.
The sound effects of the sex scenes are recorded by voice actors using lotion to add realism!
In particular, the hand job scene uses binaural recording to create realistic audio, so please use headphones to listen to it.

You can start from any date you like with the date selection mode.
You can also use the Sex scene archive mode from the beginning.
(For this reason, there is no save function).

You can play only Day 1 of the 7 days in the demo version.

This is a romance between the main character and a 27-year-old, newly hired, clumsy university professor.
The sweet and motherly professor and the main character are a couple.
Both are unable to tell each other how they really feel and have sex every day despite their miscommunications… What will happen to their love?
* Please make sure to check the functionality via the demo version before purchasing.
* If the demo version works, the full version should also work without problems.
★ How to play ★
After unzipping the zip file, run Emilia’s Diary.exe to play.

Click the mouse to forward the conversation.
When choices appear, click to select them.

Use the CTRL key to fast forward through the conversation.
You can remove the text window by clicking the right mouse button.

Sex scenes are multi-angle.
Click the red button at the bottom of the screen to change the angle of the scene.
Clicking on an empty spot on the screen will switch to the next angle in sequence, and so on.
When you reach the last angle, you will be returned to the first angle.
Click NEXT to go to the next scene.

All of the sex scene movies, including the climax and ejaculation videos, are played on a loop.
The same movie will continue to play on a loop unless you click on it.

★ Right-click menu ★
During the game, you can adjust the settings by clicking the config button in the upper right corner.

・Volume control
You can adjust the volume balance of each sound.
The volume settings will be saved even after the game is restarted.
Please note that all audio in sex scenes, including sound effects, are treated as voices in the game settings.

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Anyone know a android version is going to come because I only have a android version if anyone knows please tell me 🤔🤔🤔