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Circle: Pasture Soft
Released: Nov/29/2021
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Army, Uniform, War/Battlefield, Internal Cumshot, Violation, Vanilla Sex, Big Breasts
File size: 396.61 MB

Fictitious Early Modern War SLG
* Note
All characters in this game are over 18.
This game requires DirectX 9.0.
Please play the demo to confirm compatibility.

* Story
Alexander Calendar 837
3 years after the largest war ever began, I’m appointed to be a commander of UN army, sent to the front of Iraq. The evil organization, Sidra, subverted the world in only 3 years. Many countries have fallen. Berlin, the old headquarter of UN, was taken, too.
Our flame of hope hasn’t gone. We, UN army, fighting for ideal and justice of human beings, have set up new fronts again in Northern Europe and Africa. It’s time to fight back now.

* Content

Fictitious Early Modern War SLG

Defeat the evil organization Sidra to save the world as a commander of UN Army. You could join the northern front or the southern front. The heroine characters change depending on your choice.
You’ll unlock Sidra Route later to destroy the world and conquer women. There are some torturing events to the UN female commanders.

Heroines x9
Basic CG 50+ with Animation

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Link 2

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In my opinion, the game is so-so, nothing in it can attract me for longer, whether the gameplay or cg they are just meh.
Ps Gallery unlocked – type ggg in main menu

Just Some Guy

Worthless tutorial… You’re given 30% of a tour of the UI, told “kill them to win”, and just then left to figure out literally EVERYTHING ELSE (from navigation to battle mechanics to the iconography to unit balance to what the commander stats even mean) on your own.

It’s like sitting down to learn how play chess and the other person just saying, “You move pieces with your hand to get checkmate. Good luck.”

H is 6/10, decent but not great.
Just type “ggg” when on the main menu to unlock the gallery and never bother trying to play this shitshow.