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Circle: @OZ
Released: Jul/08/2021
File format: MP4
Genre: Fetish, Abnormal/Perverted, 3D Works, Foreign Objects, Sexual Training, Tsurupeta, Torture, Ryona/Brutal
File size: 824.84 MB

* By popular request, we have re-edited our movies to be easily viewed on smartphones and tablets.
* This product’s contents are the same as “Prisma Miyu’s Inexperienced Body & Violated Holes (RJ327073)”,
but converted to a format playable on iPhone/iPad & Android.

Yes, for the 21st release in the 3DCG series, that loli heroine is back!
The master is VERY disappointed in her results, and decides to punish her in the Chaldea research facility.
Her squishy ass gets spanked, her nipples pinched, her tiny hole fingered.
Aphrodisiac is forced into her ass before a powerful vibrator is shoved inside.
Her moans of pain and pleasure give way to intense orgasms.
Finally, her precious hole is penetrated, her purity torn, and her womb is pumped full of semen.

iPhone/iPad & Android compatible MP4 movie format
Fully animated, with fully voiced heroine, and SFX
1092×614 video resolution

* Costume options
Choose magical girl outfit or naked

Link 1
Link 2

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