[SLG] Imprisoned Queen [Multi Languages-Uncen]

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Alias: A Queen Confined
Developer: Kanoe, BananaKing
Publisger: PlayMeow Games, Lewd Formosa
Released: 17 Sep, 2021
Game Format: Simulation
Genre: Anal sex, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Tits job, Simulation, Group Sex, Humiliation, Queen/Princess, Collar/Chain/Restraints, Spanking/Whip, BDSM, Bondage, Milf, Big tits, Wox, Violation; Sexual Training, Captivity, Rape, Torture, Trainer, Rich story
File Size: 203 MB

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◆Featured Systems
◇Full CG mode can be turned on in the environment setting, and HCG can be freely browsed.
◇Pressure-Free Operation Support one-click mouse operation-Fast text-to-text system

To live in obedience or to die fighting back, it may be easy to choose. But what happens when this choice can affect the life of thousands of people? What will be the fate of the 5,000 rebels and the 300,000 people whose homeland is ruled by the enemy?

Carl Obiang is summoned to Keter by Duchess Sheena von Korsch, the lord of Keter of the Norman Kingdom. Keter was invaded and destroyed by the Norman Kingdom and Carl received the mission to convince the imprisoned Queen of Keter to lead her people and to pledge her loyalty to the Norman Kingdom.
Then, he shall teach Queen Keter the ways of survival and will use the Queen’s influence to stop any threat against the Norman Kingdom.

“Your Majesty. I am Baron Carl Obiang of the Norman Kingdom. It is my honor to meet you.”

“On behalf of the Lord of Keter, Duchess Sheena von Korsch, it is my pleasure to greet you. We cordially invite you to join us and govern the country by our side.”

“Then why don’t you let me go?”

“Not yet. We want you to show your obedience and to teach the people of Keter to submit themselves to Norman. And you should set the example as a slave.”

“You just said… a slave?”

The word made Shane angry.

What will happen to Queen Shane…?

◆ Gameplay Instructions.
The game is a first-person perspective AVG. You will enter the world of Queen’s Glory through the eyes of Carl Obiang, the main character. And you can spend time with Queen Shane every day.
You can choose among five different options, including [Kissing], [Boobs], [Sexual intercourse], [BDSM], and [Anal sex].

There are 19 commands such as [Forced French kiss] [Slide your penis between her breasts] [Woman on top] [Erotic furniture] [Double penetration] [Orgy] and so on.

As the story develops, you can unlock the main storyline, such as [Pussy torture] and [gang bang] [Japanese bondage] [Masturbation].

In addition, there is also [H event] of Shane, Lillian and other secondary characters. It’s all about tears and lust mixed with an epic plot. By improving the queen’s training sessions, Queen Shane will also change her thoughts. You will witness the fate of the defeated Queen of Keter and gain the trust of the lord of the Norman Kingdom.

◆ Game Features.
・ 23 basic CG events, including 500 different illustrated variants.
・ 30,000+ word script.
・ Imprisonment and training, medieval-style game.

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I was hoping this would have some sort of happy ending, but its basically the story of a queen being captured and turned on her own people. I’m also not a huge fan of any kind of NTR or cucking or whatever this is considered.