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Circle: Hard Hypno
Release: Apr/06/2019
Product format: Visual Novel
Genre: Breasts, Anime, Girl, Ahegao/Gapeface, Breast Sex, Twin Tail
File size: 154.92 MB

Live2D & Unity make the 60FPS animations move so smoothly!
Enjoy life with this saucy servicing robot through this Live2D animation mini ADV.

In the future, even ordinary people can order sex robots.
One man purchased the silver-haired, busty, and kind “Yuki”.
However, although her looks were exactly as he ordered,
they mis-programmed her with a saucy and cocky attitude by accident!

5 base CG all as Live2D animations!
Apk included for smartphone compatibility.

2 parts in 10 scenes total, with 92 animation variations total.

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Link 2

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I recall seeing clips of this in an HMV compilation and never got the sauce.. That was at least 2 years ago lol. Glad to see I finally found it \o/