[SLG] Impregnate! Semen Transfer Project! ver1.0.2 [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: kumao
Release: Aug/13/2021
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Internal Cumshot, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Restraint, Coercion/Compulsion, Pregnant Woman
File size: 145.01 MB

This product contains no good endings, and the women are treated as vessels for impregnation, and little else.
Your devoted android assistant Shiva cares more about fulfilling the task than anything else.
As such, the H scenes are focused almost entirely on baby-making sex.


The game contains 3 characters (2 of which are rather famous) + 11 ass-in-the-wall situations.
Enjoy impregnating the 3 heroines with a rather different feel than our previous works!
The ass-in-the-wall scenes also contain a risky-day system for impregnation.

Of course, the ever-popular cross-section cuts and pussy / womb-views are all here,
along with slick and smooth animation!

Story and Contents
It’s the year 20XX in the 2D world, and the overwhelming amount of normal & wholesome 2D products is causing a decline in the birthrate.
Thus, a new project was undertaken.
It’s title: The Semen Transfer Project

If 2D men can’t get it done, than 3D men will have to take their place.
The government orders the creation of a machine capable of transferring semen between the dimensions,
and an android girl name Shiva is tasked with carrying out the plan.
You? You’re the semen cattle whose one and only job is to impregnate.
The monitors display the 2D world, your semen’s status, how the girls’ eggs are doing, and more.
Watch as your hot cream gets inserted by catheter into their wombs…
What a novel way of being useful to society!


Use points Shiva gives you for success to upgrade the underground 3D facility.
Acquire drugs capable of inducing ovulation, and discover a hidden character…

The preg-viewer mode is perfect for viewing the girl you’ve impregnated, and it’s complete with zoom.

Clearing a certain condition will unlock the ending.
There are hidden elements and conditions in the preg-belly overview scenes as well.

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Ridiculously disappointing mechanics, you have to close the game several times for the ingame time to “pass” because it’s somehow hard to get the girls pregnant since it’s based on chance. Not to mention it doesn’t have full screen, you can’t change the window resolution either, so if you don’t have a 1080p monitor, forget it. The dev has no idea what they’re doing.

Mad Cat

I made mistake of leaving it running for hour or two and when i restarted it, game started cound all my levels gained since last time
I had to use macro from my mouse software and now my “sperm assault level” is comparable to air strike
I gave up after 100K, although it would be interesting to see how game breaks with that numbers