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Circle: purple-pink
Release: Aug/12/2021
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Clothed, Touch/Feel, Anime, Gal, School/Academy
File size: 34.23 MB

This work is “ci-en” for those who have subscribed to the paid plan as of July 2021
It is the same as the content downloaded as a privilege.
If you have already downloaded it, please be careful not to purchase it by mistake.

● About one scene H series
Basically, it is the name of an easy-to-play touch game that is completed in just one scene.
If there are exceptions, they will be described in “Other features” at the bottom of the page.

Because this series is low-priced and the content is modest,
Please read the following “features” carefully before considering your purchase.

● Situation
You are a classmate and a girl in the same class, Michikawa Saya
I will pay you and negotiate to show you my pants.
She accepts her without any particular embarrassment.
And after school, in the classroom where we were alone …

● Features
-There is no insertion expression by genitals.

・ Contents of touch
Touch with hands 4 types x 2 (strong and weak)
Touch using a smartphone 1 type x 2 (strong and weak)

・ Detachable clothes
Pants (but with conditions)

・ What can be set on the title screen
Pants (3 types)
Presence or absence of pubic hair

・ End pattern
All 4 types

↓ What is the end pattern ↓
It is a slight difference in the ending that depends on the player’s actions.
The dedicated single picture etc. is not displayed, and
Even if the conversation before the end is slightly different
The same number may be assigned, so
Please think of it as a rough guide only.

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