[RPG] Academy Quest [JP-EN]

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Developer: つれづれ
Release: 9 Oct, 2021
Game Format: RPG
Genre: male protagonist, school setting, big ass, big tits, vaginal sex, oral sex, tits fuck, creampie, lesbian, group sex, groping, turn-based combat
File Size: 235 MB

A new sense of RPG that Become a teacher and train the girls, the descendants of the brave!
An expeditious training game with a 2-week time limit.
Get to know the girls for your future together, as you teach classes, give private lessons and go on afterschool dates♡

The world is about to be swallowed by darkness.

In order to save the world from the hands of evil, the kings of the world have come up with an answer;
Revive the legendary heroes.
One man was chosen as the best candidate to carry out this task.

The hero of the story has a special ability to power up the opposite sex.
He is hired as a teacher by the state for his abilities.
But the time limit is ” 2 weeks”.
He has to raise the girls to be brave in 2 weeks.

■Game features■
The game progresses as the player moves freely in the morning and after school.

□Make them stronger through lessons

Select one of “Group lessons”, “private lesson”, and “Explore a dungeon” to start the class.
In “Group lessons” and “private lesson”, there are SLG elements that can randomly acquire experience points.
In “Explore a dungeon”, there is an RPG element that allows you to encounter an enemy and gain experience points.

□Work in the imperial capital

Earn money at the employment security office!
Gain equipment and items for the girls!

■After school■

Ask a girl out to the restaurant or crepe shop in the imperial capital♡

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Stuck at fourth level, map error i guess. Please tell me if you guys can pass it. Thanks.