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Some H-scenes that might be considered as spoiler


Developer: 瞬間フローライター
Publisher: Muso Project
Release: 8 Oct, 2021
Game Format: RPG
Genre: Female Protagonist, Adventure, Fantasy, Big Tits, Big Ass, Mind Control, Vaginal Sex, Turn Based Combat, Creampie, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Humiliation, Rape, Titfuck, Prostitution
File Size: 237 MB

“Lintiara Dia Ranzerouge”. She is a wizardess and beloniging to the chivalric order of the Kingdom.
She fight with the evil organization, “Rebellion”.

She was assigned to subdue the executive of Rebellion who is in
“The Kingdom of Esia”. She came to Esia alone …Do you think she can stay away from pleasure? Or…

This is a short story and easy porn RPG.
We have a level of easy: just touching the enemy symbol will make it disappear!

★Main situations
・If you sleep, you will be attacked!
・naughty examinations
・Hypnotize by a dirty old man
・Masturbation with vibe when the indecentness goes up!
・Fight to get informations, but you will defeated and raped, or offer to their your body.
・Work at nasty brothel!
・Sex on the street!
・Try to break the secret base, but failed and fucked by the enemy.

Lintiara Dia Ranzerouge
She is a wizardess beloniging to the chivalric order of the Kingdom.
She came Esia alone to subdue the executive of the evil organization, “Rebellion”.
She has great offensive capabilities with magic.

Hooker warrior of Esia
She gets stronger with doing naughty thing.
She’s outgoing and always naked: It’s formal dress code for her.

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pick up and dip after watching the H-scenes. Bad Stuff: Scenes are erratic and without much order. They’re also seemingly fairly short, and combined with the MTL-level english, kinda just there for the purpose of being an H-Game. I tried a few buttons – but I also don’t think there’s an option to close the text window. Game for some reason crashes when defeating an enemy. This could just be a problem on my end — maybe I extracted it wrong. Just a PSA for those who don’t have their locales set, and instead use emulator / just play normally.… Read more »