[2D Hentai] Secret Sex Treatment Teacher-turned-Shota gets Sweet Breast Loving – Motion Comic

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秘密の性治療 爆乳の教え子がショタ化した僕をいっぱい甘やかしてくれる モーションコミック版

Circle: survive
Release: Jul/08/2021
File format: MP4
Genre: Shota, Bitch/Slut, Foreigner, Elder Girl x Younger Boy, Ahegao/Gapeface, Breast Sex, Blowjob/Fellatio, Big Breasts
File size: 1.58 GB

After transforming into a shota, a teacher gets a lot of sweet loving from some busty students of his.
If he ejaculates enough, it seems he can return to normal…

The hot CG collection from circle heddaraina has been adapted into a motion comic!


Himari (CV: Maika Hara)
A gentle brother-obsessed little sister (K-cup)

Eve Alexander (CV: Honami Shirase)
A slightly slutty and sadistic exchange student (L-cup)

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Link 2

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