[2D Hentai] Bio-Core Series Side Story 01 Video & Still Pack

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「生体コア 番外編 01」動画 & 静止画 パック

Circle: Planet X
Release: Feb/13/2021
File format: MP4/ PNG/PSD
Genre: Anime, Loli, Vore, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex, Tsurupeta
File size: 450.48 MB

<Story> (Google Translated)
The girls taken into the variant are remodeled into “biological parts that produce nutrients of the variant by being insulted by countless tentacles.”
Due to genetic modification due to abnormalities, they stopped growing in a small form, and even the limiter of human life was removed.
There was no rest for 0.001 seconds, and the whole body was insulted for a long time in the future, and it became a biological part that just kept going crazy …

This is a concept R-18 illustration and video work depicting “girls who were taken into a huge deformed life form and assimilated into parts of biological parts”.

The recorded content is a readjustment and re-editing of a work that was previously released for a fee on another site.
In addition to 1 basic illustration and 8 differences included, a PSD file for creating differences is included.
In addition, 8 mp4 files that animated the same illustration with Live2D are included (video scale: 12 seconds).

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Link 2

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