[RPG] Ghost Castle Gunsweeper ver.1.1a [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: T-ENTA-P
Release: Jun/26/2017
Language: English (MTL by quicksort)
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Lots of White Cream/Juices, Anime, Horror, Bukkake, Rape
File size: 228.12 MB

Full save included

Ghost suddenly begin to appear at Rejulexion Castle in the mountains of a certain country in Eastern Europe.
Two members of the GEC team of a ghost extermination company were called far from Japan at the request of the castle owner.
Perform missions while purifying the ghosts that appear one after another with “Spell Bullet” and “Psychic Abilities”.
The attacker, Yuki Shikitani, is extremely scared and timid and will faint when the Fear Value reaches 100.
During fainting, you will fall into a meat urinal state and will be used by ghosts and others.​

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it’s not working with only the “file05″save file, or is there something i didn’t do correctly?


for the file5 save file to work is to change the save file number “5” to the EXISTING save file number (for example u have a save file 1 and the full save file 5 doesn’t work, just CHANGE the save file 5 to 1 and then delete the original save file 1) it works for me


Silver bullet doesn’t do damage to ghost wolf help


Games the requires Lost on purpose to unlock over 51% gallery should have their own Tag, for example “Dumping”,”Throwing”