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Circle: Almonds & Big Milk
Release: Aug/14/2021
Language: English (Heavily Edited Machine Translation)
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Girl, Loli, Warrior, Fantasy, Violation, Coercion/Compulsion, Rape, No Pubic Hair, Male Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Ahegao, Big Tits, Blackmail, Corruption, Creampie, Harem, Humiliation, Male Domination, Sexual Harassment, Stripping, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Adventure, Turn-Based Combat
File size: 337.38 MB

** Story
My new computer game finally arrived!
Upon activation, the protagonist finds himself… in-game!?
He somehow stumbled into the game as a playable character.
Furthermore, he’s the hero!
Hmmm… The NPC girls are quite hot…
In search of clues for returning back to reality, the hero begins his journey.

** The Ten Heroines
During gameplay, ten frivolous heroines appear.
There’s no mercy if they turn out to be your foe. Attack with your signature move; Armor Break!
The Heroine is exposed as her clothes wear off. What sort of R18 game is this…!?

Upon inviting all heroines as team members, get to know them better! Invite them to the bed!
The heroines offer their virginity towards the hero…
The sex scenes are animated.

Would our hero succeed in returning back to reality?
Hidden aspirations… Betrayal… Backstabbing… The plot makes multiple hairpin curves.

There are five possible endings to the game.
Take it your way! You can go as the crow flies towards the ending, or listen to whatever the heroines have to consult with you.
And don’t forget to spend the night together with them!

** Others
The in-game illustration was completed by Mr. sinzan.
Completing the game should require no more than 5 – 8 hours.
There’s flexibility with the game difficulty. There is also a CG mode available. This is unlocked once obtaining a specific item.

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Boring. I will not write much about this game, for me this game is nothing new, everything that is in this game, I have seen in other games. The plot is simple, not attractive, the drawing style isn’t too interesting, and the h scenes are so-so. Maybe the game will appeal to people who haven’t played many games of this type, but for people who have already played a bit, I doubt it will attract, or at least that’s my opinion.