[Tabletop] Violation baseball – Tokyo Teranodon vs Kyoto Scartina Girls [English]

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バイオレーションベースボール ~東京ティラノドン VS 京都スカーティナガールズ~

Circle: Almonds & Milk
Release: Jun/24/2018
Work Format: Others
Genre: Violence, Violation, Shame/Humiliation, Rape, Urination/Peeing, Jock/Athlete/Sports
File Size: 123MB

— Story

2022….A new social phenomenon occurred with female baseball teams becoming popular around the world.
The popularity of male baseball suddenly plunges, and all the male baseball teams are in the red.

The management team see the situation very seriously, and are concerned male baseball will end
so in order to show the difference in strength, propose a friendly match between males and females.
The female baseball team are happy to accept the challenge of the friendly match.

July 22nd 2023..a friendly match is held between the male and female teams who won their respective leagues the year before in the Aqua Dome.
The male baseball team is the “Tokyo Teranodons”
The female baseball team “Kyoto Scartina Girls” have accepted the challenge.

The male baseball team’s management are convinced it will be an easy win for them.
By showing the huge difference in abilities, they are convinced that everyone will flock back to male baseball.
However, when the match starts, they realize they have wildly miscalculated.
In the top of the ninth innings, the “Kyoto Scartina Girls” female team is leading 13-0.

Male Baseball Association Chairman – Yosuke K. Yamamoto

“A called game with 14 point difference? ….I see. There is no way the males are allowed to lose this”

“Crush the Scartina Girls…I will take responsibility”

This instruction reaches the male baseball players and they plot the annihilation of female baseball.

— Board game

This starts from the female team’s offensive at the top of the 9th.
Hit the ball using the “Z” key.
If you hit an enemy team character, one player will be out.
If you hit a home run, it will be a “called game”

Once the female innings finishes, the male offensive in the bottom of the 9th will start.
Throw the ball using the “Z” key.
If you hit the female character, they will be out.

* There are some differences with the normal rules of baseball.
* For the defensive events, you cannot get out with rough play.

— Sex scenes

You can beat up the female characters with rough play.
Pretending to have contact play, you can rip clothes and make extreme tackles on buxom tits and crotches!!
A touch out is also by inserting in the crotch!
Some female players will be unable to wait and piss themselves…
Female players let out a scream and fall over.
And that scene is broadcast live to the nation…

You can hold them in a nelson hold…spank their arses with a bat and r*pe them, giving them a cream pie
To win, you need to destroy the female players both physically and emotionally!

* Users who do not like playing the game, can replay all the scenes from the gallery

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