[Others] Kohai, Senpai, and a Middle-aged Man With Special Powers [English]

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Circle: JSK Studio
Release: Jul/17/2021
Product format: Other Games
Genre: Cross-section View, Uniform, Swimwear, Internal Cumshot, Lesbian, Violation, Big Breasts, Virgin Female
File size: 181.22 MB

You decide to eat your work lunch in the park today, and hear a couple of girls under the shade of a nearby tree.
You decide to peep in on them, wondering why girls would be in the park on a weekday at this time…
“…!? Senpai, a creepy guy is leering at us!”
“He’s definitely looking this way. Is he a stalker? Is he planning to threaten us? Or…”
“Oh no…I’m scared, Senpai.”
“Don’t worry, we just have to find his weakness.”

And so the battle begins.
It seems you have no choice but to use those powers you tried not to unleash…

– Play as a middle-aged man with special powers,
and do battle with a yuri couple in this H command battle game.
– Branch off into different sex scenes during the battle,
and depending on your actions, discover 4 different endings.

– A command-style battle system with active gauges.
Building up your gauge allows you to unleash various skills.
– Clothing / equipment damage is included, even down to panties and socks.
– Receive skill points from battle, and use them to power up, or learn new skills.
– H Skills include tackling, hypnosis, genital-rental, etc.
– Branch off into 3 different endings depending on battles and dialog.
– Each ending includes different sex scenes.
Previously viewed scenes can be viewed anytime!
– H scenes include missionary, doggy, cowgirl, kick counter, handjob / fellatio, breastfuck.
– Sex scenes have variations featuring each heroine individually, or both at the same time.
– Strip the heroines at your leisure (or not!). Creampie timing is up to you!
Heroine pleasure levels can be changed as well.
– Different creampie animations are included for each position.
– H-scene cross-sections can be toggled ON / OFF
– Creampie animations can be repeated via the manual mode.

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This guy makes great games, I’ve always been a fan of his work and based on my experiences translated or not you’re going to have a good time.


Is anyone else having a problem with the torrent? It’s not downloading at all.