New benefits for 5$ supporters

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  • Post last modified:August 15, 2021

From now on, new and existing 5$ supporters (Apprentice tier) can get direct torrent and magnet download links on all new posts.

Just PM me your PixivFanbox username after supporting me on My PixivFanbox

I’ll manually upgrade your account within 24 hrs and send a confirmation message back to you.


PM me on the blog only. Please DO NOT use the pixiv message.

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Guess that’s me out even the other links don’t work my privacy protections prevent them, gonna have to leave if I can’t download anything.


Pls Gentelmann stop.

I think its an good idea you had here, to help this side survive.

when i start work ((september ) apprenticeship year) you can count me in the boat too (:

Thanks for keep it on track.
stay healthy my friends.

Hayden Alexander

I’m late af to this, and sorry because you’ve been given so much shit over this but I think if you are going to monetize download links(which happens to keep the blog running) and you give supporters access to direct links, you need to have a new supporter tier that is like a dollar or the lowest pixiv will allow that only has this function. The amount of people who would do that will make you way more than the clicks you’ll get from advertising sites, also those rates are garbage and half the links don’t work. I would also… Read more »