[SLG] Zombies and 60 days of survival [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: Ejishi
Release: Feb/01/2021
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Touch/Feel, Anime, Loli, Oneesan/Older Girl/Older Sister, Zombie, Rape, Big Breasts
File size: 52.68 MB

You’ve got to survive 60 days of the zombie apocalypse before help arrives.
Supply boxes will be provided, but you must conserve and protect your items in the meantime to live…

Random events include thieves, traders, airplane supplies, gun battles….and sex.

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the “Torrent Download” link keeps taking me to another website that tries to open a lot of pop ups without letting me actually access the torrent


Basically, nothing special, H-sceen only 2, my pp can’t even hard for this. Game play is simple, predictable


Game is disappointing. Like a worse version of 60 seconds with maybe 2 CGs.


I’ve played this game for hours and very disappointed.. Game & Story : 1/5Just survive for 60 days, but survive is not really a thing because you can get any supplies VERY VERRRRY EASY. Just get enough flashlight for you, your girl (?), your cat, and dog. Yes cat and dog need flashlight to explore and find resources. Oh don’t imagine exploring like really exploring instead just click and gone. Wait next day and voila food and drink, ez pz.. Drawing : 1/5 Other than chibi drawing, there’s hentai scene with some bug. Like when you lick the nipple of… Read more »


I can’t even do a thing.
I can move him around, but neither keys nor clicking let him interact with anything. Except the question whether he shall scout (needing one flashlight). But when I click that, he is in bad mood or something. Boy and Girl, if you starve then eat goddamit.


There is absolutely zero challenge to this so long as you do not lose a flashlight. You “find”more food and water than you need (even with a pet), the sex toys seem to do absolutely nothing, a lot of the game is a giant nothingburger as you click through 60 dialogue screens for really no reward or justification.

Avoid it unless you’re somehow a fan of these things.


Just made an account to say: Don’t lose your tie with this game.
Boring, the only 2 girls were the same, only hair color changes, also, why is there a Loli tag for this game?
literally no Loli showed up the entire time.

Feels like this game is in beta pretty much.

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