[SLG] Goblin Burrow: I’ll Borne ver.211224 [English-Machine Translated]

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ゴブリンの巣穴 I’ll borne

Circle: peperoncino
Release: Jul/20/2021
Translators: MuninKai and Thai2410
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Cuckoldry (Netori), Internal Cumshot, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Childbirth, Slave, Captivity, Orgy Sex, Interspecies Sex
Version: Base+DLC1+DLC2 JPN.v.211224 + DLC3.v.211229/ ENG.r.1.3b
File size: 12.5 GB

1. Japanese system locale or locale emulator is required
2. Full save included

Translator Notes:
This download includes:
A Reference Sheet for certain useful values and game mechanics
A Map with hints for unlocking all seedbeds
A Passive Skills Guide prepared by Thai2410
A fullsave

– There are not voice lines for DLC3
– Saves from previous versions may not be compatible with JPNv.211224. If you are getting an error when capturing new seedbeds or attempting to breed an already captured seedbed, simply remove your defensive army and wait or grind the Adventurer Tower until you are attacked. A fresh NewGame+ should solve the issue
– If you get an error with a bunch of ???? when starting the game, you are not running the game in Japanese localisation. Use Locale Emulator.
– There are no voice lines for the mating scenes. This is a peperoncino issue, not an issue with the translation.
– Large portions of the game are MTL. Most of the translation has been bug tested, but I cannot rule out the possibility that MTL introduced bugs will occur.
– If you want to be especially helpful when reporting a bug, go to your ./savedata folder and share the krkr.console.log file if it exists
– Dinner and Arena functions are not supported

A year after the tragedy, a new tragedy begins…

This is an extra-large expansion pack, but can be played on its own.
You don’t need to own “Goblin Burrow (RJ291561)” to run this game. It can work standalone.
However, if you do have both, then you’ll be able to play Goblin Musou!

What do you know about goblins?
They’re mischievous, immoral little creatures, the lowest of the low when it comes to monsters. They’re quite easily dealt with. They’re often used as a means for adventurers to measure their strength. They’re just goblins, after all.
This continent, too, is infested with the things.
However, it is also home to an abundance of life from every race. They’ve formed communities and generally live together in peace. Peace breeds softness, however, and nothing is softer than the body of a beautiful female adventurer…
Pillage, rape, and reproduce…
That’s all that goblins think about, and this age of peace is the perfect time for them to strike. Nobody knew just how much influence the goblin threat would have on the continent, however…
Unbeknownst to most in the civilized world, goblins lurked at the gates.
Why not peer into their world?

1) Join the goblin horde! The burrow is divided into two sections: the raiders who assault Villages, and the Defenders who protect the nest.
2) Build your goblin army and begin the invasion! Attack different targets and acquire useful items! Defend against those pesky humans and protect your little green livelihood!
3) Goblins are weak, and some will definitely die. But it’s okay! A goblin’s greatest weapon is its drive to procreate. Capture women you’ve defeated and bring them back to the burrow, then make back those losses the only way a goblin can! If things go well, something very powerful may be born…
4) Feed the offspring to raise their stats. Strengthen the horde, expand all over the continent,. and capture new prey! As generations come and go, the goblins will grow stronger. Exactly how powerful they’ll become is up to the choices you make…

Online Play
First tested in patch 3, this is our early attempt at online functionality. Build the greatest burrow and fight, fight, and fight some more!
There’s even a new “Dinner” system! Players can use game components to create their own scenes and upload them online! Earn the sought-after “Gob-tastic” rating and become the king of goblin porn!
Register your copy of the original game to use heroines you’ve captured in the “Dinner” system!

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for 9.4gb on a 2d game with mostly static CGs this game should be awesome, right?…. right?



Thanks for intersting game.
Can I play in Japanese?
I saw Japanese word at the running of the game, it became English.
I wanna try to play in Japanese. Can I do this?