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Circle: Ulimworks
Release: Jul/13/2021
Product format: Action
Genre: Clothed, Chirarism (Peeping), 3D Works, SF, Fantasy, Violation, Rape, Slender, Female Protagonist, Adventure, Monsters, Vaginal Sex, Schoolgirl, Combat, Animated
File size: Total 4.27 GB

Torrent contains both 32bit and 64bit files separately, Please download the whole torrent and help me seed if possible, Thank you!

Faster-paced than ever before!

[All-new elements]
– A new field with increased difficulty!
– A new anti-armor blade weapon!
– Tons of new enemies!
– Lots of secret rooms to capture!

[New defeat events!]
– Acquire cursed items and raise your curse level to unlock the naughty stuff!
– All outfits are destructible!
– Sneak into private rooms!
– Check every bit of each field to find hidden secrets!

[Important Game Info]
– Please reset graphics to default the first time you start up the game.
– The action sections support gamepads and Xbox controllers (with vibration)
– Mouse and gamepad controls differ somewhat. That just means more ways to enjoy!
– Created with Unreal Engine 4

[About the Trial Version]
– Includes action and defeat event sections.
– Runs as smoothly as the full version, so you’ll be able to check your graphics and other settings.
– Please try this version first to ensure compatibility with your device.

– Middle click while aiming to launch a grenade.
– The anti-armor blade has different attacks for long and short button presses.
– Jump with the right timing after landing and you can do a long jump.
– Includes an easier route for the less action-inclined.

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3rd person shooter with surprisingly decent combat and exploration, but the overall quality of animations and things is amateur at best. Note that it’s not broken or anything – it’s just really low budget and it shows. Still, I had fun. Don’t bother getting this for the sex, though. It’s censored and limited to a handful of situations of which you have basically no control over beyond pressing “next”. And though the girl has a kinda nice body, unfortunately her facial expression is a permanent “derp”. There’s almost no customization either, so just forget about it and go back to… Read more »