[RPG] Lewd Realm Sacrifice Araka ~A JK Exorcist Horror RPG~ ver.1.23 [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: I’m moralist
Release: Jun/11/2021
Translator: dazedanon19
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Childbirth, Sexual Training, Interspecies Sex
File size: 897.96 MB

Translator’s Note:
This is different from @mayaktheunholy’s translation in that it’s a full MTL using DeepL. Therefore expect to see a lot of grammar, formatting, and nonsense translation issues. That being said this patch should completely translate everything and includes wordwrap.

know that the Human Pillar End option in the menu is disabled on purpose. I couldn’t figure out why it was crashing since there aren’t any syntax errors in any of the files as far as I know. Therefore I’ve just disabled it, you aren’t really missing much. If you wanna try it out anyway, go into www/js/plugins.js, CTRL+F `Human Pillar End`, and right after it look for `\\\”disable\\\”`. Set that to false instead of true. It’s going to crash, but you can remove the patch to fix it.

A female exorcist becomes a sacrifice to keep the lewd realm running.
Terrifying apparitions lust for her soft, fair skin.
Her human dignity is whittled away.
She is modified and sexually trained to a maiden of darkness.
What unholy abominations will she give birth to?

An erotic Horror RPG!
In the horror part, play as a male protagonist with psychometric powers, and try to find traces of the missing exorcist Araka.
The protagonist can use his powers to perceive what brutal fate befall the various sacrifices he encounters.
Seeing their intense violation only builds the suspense for what could possibly happened to Araka (the female protagonist)

In the Araka part, you control the exorcist herself, and try to escape the lewd realm along with the male protagonist.
However, the task will not be so easy. The entire realm and all it’s ghastly inhabitants aim to taint her body and make her “their own”.
Can Araka maintain her humanity in this face of this hell?
Or will she give in, get corrupted in mind and body, and birth something unholy? Her fate is in your hands.

Detailed ero-statuses included.
See at a glance just how corrupted and modified Araka has become, her reproductive condition, what horrors she’s given birth to, and more!

Featuring a scenario that’s easy to fap to, with high-quality illustrations and audio to enhance the eroticism!

Stress-free, fap-friendy!
Great gameplay and great fappability!
Easy to collect endings (No need to replay the game over and over again)
Horror parts can be skipped (Full ver. only)
Ero scene collection is easy! (no levelling or re-exploring areas)
Get an H scene every ~5 minutes!
The ero is the main focus!
All another elements are developed to support the immersion of the ero!
Get the highest-quality of ero experiences!
Gallery included (+full unlock option)
One-handed play supported! Maps are easy to traverse
Quest markers ensure you don’t get lost
No need for levelling. Things progress even if you’re defeated!
* Warning
However there are many
No sex scenes with human males other than the protagonist
Violation mostly involves spirits, monsters, etc., which cannot speak.

CG Details
Lewd Realm Sacrifice Araka ~A JK Exorcist Horror RPG~ [I’m moralist]
60 base HCG
80 H scenes
Featuring animations, H pose art, cut-ins, all the good stuff!
No filler scenes! All scenes have been written to be highly fappable on their own!
All the stops have been pulled to keep eroticism at the forefront!
Features some dazzling original horror backgrounds.

Lewd Realm Sacrifice Araka ~A JK Exorcist Horror RPG~ [I’m moralist]
For Araka, this job was supposed to just be a bit of clean-up duty.
The Exorcist Association had already dealt with this “lewd realm”.
The powerful monster lurking within, sealed by 5 exceptionally skilled exorcists.
But Araka has been captured and trapped inside, and it seems things won’t be so easy…

For the sake of her beloved, Araka cannot give up.
In a world that works to strip away her humanity with every step, Araka must continue to fight.

— It’s been two months since your lover Araka disappeared.
You have basically no exorcist experience,
and your only useful skill is the little spiritual attunement you were born with.
Can you save Araka and get her out of that hellish world?

Game Details
Lewd Realm Sacrifice Araka ~A JK Exorcist Horror RPG~ [I’m moralist]
Genre: Ero-based horror RPG
H scenes: 60 base HCG, 80 H scenes (approx. 20 male part, 60 Araka part)
Endings: 2 happy endings, 5 bad endings
Resolution: 816×624 (TKool MV default)
Voice: Main events are fully voiced. Other events use background video.
Gallery: Included (flowchart style, fully-unlockable anytime)
Playtime: Approx. 4-6 hours (approx. 20% gameplay, 80% ero)

Production tool: RPG TKool MV (Window transparency, text-skip, battle acceleration included)

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Game has been reuploaded and should work now. Thanks!

After clicking new game and 1 screen of controls, game is stuck on a black screen. I’m able to load the menu and save/load check skills etc. Pressing o gives a scene and at the end it’s just the girls art fullscreen and nothing works but o restarts the scene. I’m using locale emulator as admin and my system is set to japanese. Anybody got this to work?

Last edited 3 years ago by ocarina007
rina gaiar

start game with error >&gtcomment image


Black Screen Right after press start game. However I managed to get to Recollection room and I find it, disturbing.. Mindfuck, literally.. If this kind of fetish, gore, impregnation monster, flash, blood, baloon stomach, and that turns you on, you need to see a doctor NOW. Whoever made this game is twisted psycho, and I will NOT review in depth.. Its unplayable anyway.


well, certainly this game doesn’t go any further than the main screen, i’ve tried a lot of stuff, maybe i should unlock all the cgs? waiting for ideas or a possible solution. Thank you in advance!

Your average Sakura

Got the game to work by simply copy pasting the save folder from the jap ver which is missing here in the www folder then directly load the game Download – MEGA


To start the game, go beyond the black screen, that’s how i solved it;

Download the other guys’s partial translation which is in ULMF, copy it and paste it in the game folder replace the files than the game will work fine once you skip the opening create a save file than download the machine translation from the ulmf again than do the same that way you will skip the bug in the start.

(Click on translator dazedanon19)

Fap For Fun - Free Hentai Download

Updated: Tested and this one is working. Not sure if it’s a different MTL.
Please download it again.

rina gaiar

Happy end(?) >> get Araka 7 key item >> at the big hall >>go upstair >>at the yard use Araka charm for escape from building >> meet Araka >> choose 1 or 2


can someone give me a tips or a helping hand, when I got into a fight in the midst of it I got a massage saying “SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list” any kind stranger willing enough to assist me on this one?


Hello i need help how i can play the part with the female protagonist ?
I finish the 1st part with the male student




very buggy at the female part it just get an error fighting enemies


Say… the game is pretty decent, the CG is pointed very specific fetish(mostly tentacle impregnation, mindbreak), voice acting is good plus, the story is sweet enough to make you love the character. the main con, and and a very big one is…. TRANSLATION!!!! this machine translated game doesn’t even able to use gender pronoun correctly! imagine how that destroy the story! not to mention there’s some part left untranslated. Detailed ero-statuses included. See at a glance just how corrupted and modified Araka has become, her reproductive condition, what horrors she’s given birth to, and more! Now… this “see at glance… Read more »