[RPG] Artemis Pearl ~Pirate Princess Rubina and the Mystical Treasure~ ver.1.10 + Voice Patch [English]

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Circle: Triangle!
Release: Feb/08/2020
Translator: ΠΞΩΣ
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Female Protagonist, Anime, Swimwear, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex, Big Breasts
File size: 3.43 GB

Japanese system locale or locale emulator is required

* This product contains many animations that be may memory taxing for some systems.
Please test the trial version before purchase to confirm compatibility.
Default mode is set to “light”.
Please switch to the included “fluid” mode for smooth animations. (Recommended for those with 8GB+ RAM)


An exploration RPG with pirate x knight action! Features animated pose art and H scenes!

Ci-en: https://ci-en.jp/creator/2390

A legendary battle between knights and a legendary thief.
After his defeat, he was scorned as a terrible pirate and sunk to the bottom of the deep, dark sea.
And so, 10 years passed…
In a small sailboat, the figure of a girl with boundless curiosity for the unknown world comes into view.
Her name is Rubina. To restore her family name after her father’s defeat to the knights,
she sets out on a journey to find the mystical treasure, known as the “Artemis Peal”.


~ Rubina
A pirate girl. Using her savings built up from working for 10 years, she buys a sailboat.
To restore her father’s name, she sets out on a quest to find the Artemis Pearl.
Always on high guard.

~ Stilia
A squad leader of the pirate-hunting knights.
Has a strong sense of justice, but will do whatever it takes to reach her goal.
Surprisingly open about sex.

~ Osaru
A caveman from the island Rubina stayed one.
Can’t speak human words, but communicates well using body language.

~ Harugeno
Rubina’s father’s former loyal underling.
The only one to survive the battled from ten years ago.
Protected Rubina from the shadows.

– Fully animated
All H scenes and pose art are fully animated.
From pre-penetration all the way to ejaculation, enjoy smooth animations (variations included!

– Gathering and crafting!
For the poor Rubina, get a hold of some items to help her out.
Search and examine objects in the field to find materials,
which can be used to craft items and power up equipment.

– Expand your pirate ship!
starting from your used little dingy of a sailboat, use your gold to power up your ship up to 5 times,
and gain the ability to enter new areas, and access fun side-stories.

– Gather sailors!
Every ship needs its sailors. Check bulletins on your ship to recruit new ones using gold, or perhaps your body…

– Gather treasure!
From the ship bulletin, start various side-stories.
Clearing side-stories will net you great treasures that should aid you in your journey.
To get them, you’ll need gold, you’ll need to fight, you’ll need to have sex too~

– Take bounties!
From the ship bulletin, take on bounties for strong enemies in order to rake in a lot of gold.
If you’re defeated, violation awaits, of course…

Gather sailors, find treasure, strengthen your ship, and take down Edward, the king of pirates!

[Ero Scenes]
6 pose art, 21 HCG
54 H event scenes (All animated including variations)

– Text auto-skip functionality
– Text speed-up functionality
– Map viewer if you get lost (Opened with S-key)
– Goal viewer if you forget what to do (Opened with D key, displayed in the lower right part)
– Fast travel
– Guide (Toggled with D key)
– Skip previously viewed H scenes
– Gallery

If you like it, buy it to support the creator!
All downloads on this site are torrent magnets. You need any BitTorrent program to make it work.

Don’t forget to read the FAQ page if you got any errors.
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onepiece with a bit of hentai


Please follow the translator of this game, thank you https://twitter.com/PiXiOmegaSigma

zz ping

This short RPGmaker game has superb graphics, animations and sound effects it even has full voice over. Though it has some downsides, some parts feel like under-developed as well

H-elements: above average (superb quality animated full screen CGs, but lacks of variety)
Graphics: superb (8-direction pseudo 3D characters lighting effects, fluent UI and more)
Gameplay: good (really nice mechanics, but the dev fails to add enough contents to make full use of it)
Difficulty: very easy
Length: 3-5hr
Story: average

Last edited 3 years ago by zz ping

Can someone give me 100% save file? 🙂


pirate stuff