[ACT] She ill server Ver.1.18 [JP-EN]

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Circle: furonezumi
Release: Oct/24/2017
Work Format: Action
Genre: Dot/Pixel, Breast Sex, Orgy Sex, Rape, Gangbang, Interspecies Sex
File Size: 319MB

You can switch between JP and EN in game option

In a certain research facility was suddenly assaulted my a monster.
Resistance futile, the researchers succumb one after another…
As a final resort, the professor unleashes “HER”

The Evil Server, “she ill server”

The protagonist “Ex-ill” summons monsters and uses them to attack enemies
and causing those monsters to explode, deals damage to the enemies.
Controlling 5 different kinds of companions, aim to reach the goal!

– Along with your companion, it is possible to violate the enemies that you
take out (though some more selfish individuals may keep the fun for themselves)
The protagonist can likewise fall victim to the their lusty horny companion.

– Pretty much entirely pixel art animation with fluid variations

– There are also some large animations too.

– Use the EXP you gain to power up your character
and buy cheats for a comfortable playthrough.

Correction: bugs/defects
Addition of contents

Added “Defeat END”(lose last_battle)
Added 13animations
Added 1 large animation

Correction: bugs/defects Addition of contents
Updated to English Version
Mouse operation Protagonist in EXTRA room.

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How to save this game?

It is not auto-save like the old version.

If anyone knows, please tell me.


solo para lo que le pasen esto, de que no se guarda la partida. deben borrar el save dentro de la capeta de los dos idiomas de ingles y japones. al abrirlo de nuevo se crea una nueva, y ya se va a guardar las partidas. por siento… al salir deben hacerlo desde el juego, no cerrado la ventana. por que asi no se guarda! only for what happens to this, that the game is not saved. they must delete the save within the folder of both English and Japanese languages. when you open it again a new one is… Read more »


I have been saved in the game (Computer in lab), but this game still could not save.

I don’t understand. Why is it not save?

lol 🙁


Thank you for your suggestion.

I tried as your all suggestions. It can’t save game.


There is a folder name “おまけ解放済セーブデータ” inside there is a file name “save.ini”. If you copy the file and paste in the “save” folder, it will unlock extra mode with everything unlocked.


Very interesting you start as the evil girl and end as the good one lmao! Crazy story tho.


where can i download?


Pretty unique combat, some elements are confusing at first, but lots of nice animations.
Has a sandbox at the end for “experimenting” 😛 B-tier game.

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