[2D Hentai][Squeeze] Magical Girl In Bloomers Endlessly Climaxes From Tentacles!?

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魔導少女がブルマ姿で触手に締め付けられて連続絶頂&魔力吸引!?「squeeze -スクイーズ-」

Circle: SweetSprite
Release: May/03/2021
File format: MP4 / PNG
Genre: Successive Orgasms, Anime, PE Uniform, Bloomers/Buruma, Vore, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex, Ryona/Brutal
File size: 2.43 GB

Presenting a joint work between SweetSprite and ESKOLOGIC!
For lovers of PE clothes and tentacles!

40+ base CG
50+ looping animations
Short story variations included!

Circle [SweetSprite]
A magical girl drops her precious gem in a dark cavern, and tries to quietly fish it out in her training bloomers.
However, a lurking tentacle reacts to her sweat and smell, and wraps itself around her, eager to lap up her magical juices.

Contains lots of bondage, vore, light ryona, suffocation, preg-belly, forced orgasms, sexual fluids, and more!


A magical girl is asked to grab some equipment from a warehouse, and once there, catches a whiff of a strange smell. Then, a tentacle shoots from a locker, and captures her! Her body is toyed with until her her magical energy is drained, and all that remains is pleasure. And then…

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