[RPG] Samurai Vandalism ver.1.01 [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: ONEONE1
Release: May/25/2021
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Cross-section View, Elf/Fairy, Prostitution/Paid Dating, Pure Love, Outdoor Exposure, Corrupted Morals, Pregnant Woman, Female Protagonist, Adventure, vaginal sex, monster, turn-based combat, fantasy, big tits, big ass, oral sex, groping, creampie, masturbation, sex toys, monster girl, rape, teasing, stripping, prostitution, romance, corruption, exhibitionism, voiced, animated, lesbian, pregnancy, internal view, multiple protagonist, virgin, group sex, multiple penetration, multiple endings
File size: 6 GB

Japanese system locale is required

ECCHI GALORE! 279 erotic scenes await you! (116 events / 163 NPC)
ONEONE1 presents their latest greatest HCG packed hentai game with a whopping 435+ base CG!
290+ of which are EROTIC! Are you ready for the fap-a-thon of your life!?

Walkthrough info / Manual / Story flowchart available for free on ONEONE1’s Ci-en page:
* CONTAINS SPOILERS (You have been warned!)

435+ base CG!
290+ base HCG (130+ feature the protagonist. 55+ Momo, 55+ Kinako, 20+ Mei.)

– Opening sequence is skippable.
– Can fast-forward in battle erotic cut animations with Ctrl, or skip them with Enter.
– 4 controllable female characters to toy with as you please. (Mukuro, Momo, Kinako, and Mei!)
Can team them up as a group for battles as well.

– Transferring save data from the trial version to the retail version is likely to bug out. We do NOT recommend doing this.

– Updates may render save data in the middle of a conversation part (ADV sequence) useless.
We strongly suggest that you make your save data via the standard in-game RPG menu to avoid this.

[Genre] R18 Multi Ending H-RPG

– Battle: Turn based front view (with 4x speed up fast-forwarding possible)
– Self-destruct command available (After clearing the game)
– Can change / undress the character’s clothing (after certain in-game events completed)
– Possible to turn Voices ON / OFF (on a per character basis even!)
– Skip / log features implemented
– Possible to clear the game as a VIRGIN.
– SeX-ray cross section cuts can be turned ON/OFF
– Erotic traps in dungeons and otherwise…? YES, OF COURSE!


Birthing / Pregnancy System

Humanoid elves, goblins, orcs, zombie pigs / dogs / horses, tentacles, egg laying, etc.
It is possible to be impregnated and give birth to pretty much anything and everything!

Of course, not only that, but NPCs will sexually harass the protagonists,
dungeons are littered with erotic traps, prostitution, exhibitionist,
and a huge variety of erotic scenes and situations are included!

We’ve put a lot of work in making sure this game is chockablock full of lewdnesssss~!
And chockablock full of content. FULLSTOP!

In addition to the main protagonist there are 3 sub heroines that you can also control,
and for EACH of them, we have included more H scenes than your standard HRPG has in TOTAL.

Also, all 14 female characters which have pose art, also have H-scenes!

… To grasp just how much content we are talking about,
we have provided below a snippet of the kind of H-scenes that are in this game!

Fap-material that will keep your hands busy for months on end!

…Of course, there’s more to the game than JUST the H-scenes!

* Erotic conversations with NPCs: Talking to people in town will trigger a variety of erotic situations.
Not just sexual harassment, but also things like exhibitionism, drugged sex, shirikabe glory hole, etc.

* H Parameters: Lewdness, proficiency with mouth, tits, exhibitionism, pussy, anal.
(Depending on the level of these parameters, the H-scenes will differ in some cases.)

For example, there are multiple events where you can lose your virginity,
and the scenes will of course be different for first time and otherwise!
(As the story progresses, you will unlock the ability to lose your virginity. You can keep it too!)

Each route has it’s own distinctive feeling. The last bosses and the ending itself are, of course, different.

[ONIBI route] * Depending on how you proceed, this is a “Pure Love” route
– Momo and Kinako are controllable

[BYAKUYA route]
– Mei is controllable

[ROUNIN route]
– Momo and Kinako are controllable

* Battles are Symbol Encounters
So, you can avoid the fighting over and over again when you are not in the mood to do so.

* Auto Win/Lose System
The popular feature from our previous work is back…
A setting where you can set boss battles to be automatically lost.

In addition to this, in easy mode, we have introduced an AUTO WIN setting too!
* Requires that you change the configuration from the default settings.

If you like it, buy it to support the creator!
All downloads on this site are torrent magnets. You need any BitTorrent program to make it work.

Don’t forget to read the FAQ page if you got any errors.
Support us and get PREMIUM to bypass all annoying image hosts and gain access to Direct Image Viewer. You can also download all images in 1 click!
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thats alot of tags.

Nie Pok

Holy shiet

rina gaiar

1.00 had a bug that allowed access to an English menu that was likely there as a prototype and was never meant to go live.

1.01 fixed that bug, and possibly some others. At that point, the game was meant to be played only in Japanese.

1.02 fixed some crashes in the official Japanese version.

1.03 fixes more bugs, but I don’t know what yet. Dlsite mentioned some changes to content.

Nie Pok

comment image
I’m trying to start a game and this error show me and game turns off. Any ideas?

Last edited 3 years ago by Nie Pok

this shit better be the best hentai game ever made or im gonna be mad

Last edited 3 years ago by Horni_Ghizz

Wait, 6 Gigabytes?!! Whats with that description? And that’s hella lot of tags. Is this a gift from the gods?

Last edited 3 years ago by thelesso9986

The fuck dude 6 gb =]] This shit might be the best fucked up game or the worse.


Are the H-scenes animated or are they *static*?


Does anyone have full save or walktrouhg that’s not in Japanese?

Last edited 3 years ago by Letimur

Welp, time to wait for a proper translation. Considering its ONEONE1, its a coin toss on whether it’d get one.


Is this, multiple protagonist or female protagonist guys? i don’t understand. I’m searching for male prota


there”s problem when i extract the file part 4 .it said cannot create (the name of the file) access denied


After 2 hours playing I found this game very confusing.. Language barrier is a great issue here. Translation by machine very messed up. I can’t make lot of review or even conduct scoring due this language issue, but so far its quite enjoyable, I mean if you have nothing to do and want to become samurai got raped and maybe improve your Japanese language, this may be it. Good idle animation during battle. Good music at first, but getting uninterested at later on. Storyline as I mentioned earlier, confusing due language barrier. Enemy difficulties are completely non-existent. No seriously, even… Read more »

Pepe Hands

Go spam their Twitter to realse the translated version faster


what is the password from winrar? Please