[ACT] Succubus Hunter [English-Uncen]

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Developer: Libra Heart
Release: 2020-10-30
Game Format: Action
Genre: Succubus, Tentacle, Rape, Lolicon, Monochrome, Big Breasts, Side-scrolling
File Size: 26.4 MB

Thank to Rean_Schwarzer for sharing the file
Full save included

To save her little sister, Silvia braves the old castle which is now a succubus lair. Armed with an exorcist’s whip, slash your way through 5 stages of monsters who have their own dire designs! Classic Gameboy green quad-tone color; the joy of cutting thru swaths of enemies; and titillating pixel ecchi along the way!

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windows defender found trojan:script on this, ive gotten about 100+ other games from this site and none have triggered antivirus besides this one. most likely harmless but thought i’d like to point it out in case.


Update, I have been playing with a number of files downloaded from FFF over the weekend, looks like this one may have a CoinMiner virus thing in it. I wouldn’t download. Makes me wonder if Rean_Schwarzer did this maliciously. Or, it could have been one of many other files from this site, but this is the only one that immediately gives me a warning and then keeps reinstalling itself after being purged.

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