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~ 獲 えもの 物 ~

Circle: circle4’s
Release: May/29/2012
File format: WMV
Genre: Moe, Anime, 3D Works, Loli, Middle-aged Man, Comedy, Coercion/Compulsion
File size: 409.71 MB

Mai Mai’s Story
The TUTAYAMI video rental store stood on the street corner.
Other big stores and online piracy were making business hard.
A young girl named Mai was a regular customer there.
She didn’t know about the shady business of lolita pornography…
but was invited to participate in a video as a “PreCute hero”…

A-chan’s Story
Several days later. Night time.
A young girl loitered in front of the video store.
The dirty old man who made lolita porn in the back of his shop
called out to her and let her into the shop. He promised
to let her borrow any video she wanted. He gave her a nightcap.
When she needed to go to the toilet, he went with her.

Miporin’s Story
Unable to contact his supplier, the pervert was getting antsy.
He preyed on a young girl by offering candy. She naively believed him.

3D toon shaded animation
FULL MOVIE / Approx 40 minutes

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