[RPG] Appointment of Pandora ver.1.0.1 [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: The Delusion Express
Release: Dec/22/2020
Language: English (MTL by pk2000)
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Clothes Changing/Dress up, Outdoor, Outdoor Exposure, Shame/Humiliation, Coercion/Compulsion, Rape, Urination/Peeing
File size: 540.08 MB

“Satoru Hikawa” used to work in the general affairs section of Miyama City Hall.
A new department is established by the recommendation of the deputy mayor, Planning and Reconstruction Office, and “Akasaka Mio” is appointed as the director of the department of Miyama Shopping Street. Satori is also assigned to the Citizen’s Division under her.
Akasaka Mio follows her subordinate, “Hitomi Takaya” from the Tourism Division, to revive the Miyama shopping street, which has become a shutter shopping street.

Miyama shopping street gradually regains its popularity …

But … somebody’s reconstruction obstructs work unknowingly
To make Satori and his friends suffer …

Can Miyama Shopping Street regain its popularity as before?

・ Action RPG that fights with stationery
・ There is a dress-up function for two heroines (dots also change!)
・ A total of more than 20 unique characters have appeared (there are also dots!)
・ There is a difference in undressing during battle (dots also change!)
・ Scene that struggles while enduring shame in various situations

Main erotic scenes (planned)
◆ No panties
◆ Naked restraint
◆ Public exposure
◆ Happening
◆ Rape
◆ Naked mannequin
◆ Forced undressing
Etc …

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This game has beatiful soundtrack.
Anyone tell me the compositor/band name please